Analog Thickness Gauge

  •   Description

Fowler's Dial Thickness Gauges are light in weight, easy to handle and carry.  These specially built gauges are mounted in a hand contoured frame with a thumb release mechanism;  has fast direct reading to .001".  Used to measure thickness of paper, cellophane, plastic film and metal plates. These are high quality precision instruments.

• Case finished in dull plated chrome.

• 52-550-005 and -020 measuring faces constructed in high grade tool steel; hardened, ground and lapped.

• Ceramic anvils
• Direct reading 0-100 (with revolution counter) on easy-to-read dial

• Frame is hammer tone baked enamel

• Micro fine graduations for .001" or .01mm minimum reading

• Spindle of hardened stainless steel

• Features a thumb release mechanism

• Includes case