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Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh from budget-friendly options starting at Tk 1,199 to high-end smartphones priced up to Tk 3,00,000, ClickBD offers a wide range of mobile phones to suit every need. Whether you are looking for the latest budget models or high-configuration devices, find your perfect match below and order now!

Gphone GP28 Plus Mobile Phone
Tk 1,499 Save
Hallo Style Foldable Phone Four Sim Warranty
Tk 2,900 Save
i16 Pro Flip Phone FM Radio Magic Voice
Tk 3,200 Save
icon i303 Feature Phone 3500mAh Battery
Tk 1,250 Save
Jio J12 Mini Phone Dual Sim Black
Tk 1,650 Save
icon I72 Mini Card Phone Dual Sim Black
Tk 1,400 Save
Jio J15 Pro Max Dual SIM 1400mAh Feature Phone
Tk 1,900 Save
Linnex Le101 Flip Phone Black
Tk 1,650 Save
MARS MS104 Dual Sim Touch Button Phone
Tk 1,599 Save
Maximum MB10 Diamond Foldable Phone
Tk 2,800 Save
MEZ SLIM 3 Super Slim Metal Phone
Tk 1,999 Save
Mini BM10 Small Mobile Phone Dual Sim Option
Tk 1,099 Save
Mycell Mi204 Lite 3 Sim Feature Phone
Tk 1,600 Save
Realme Dizo Star 400 Feature Phone
Tk 2,650 Save
SANEE S113 Dual Sim Phone With Warranty
Tk 1,499 Save
Vmax V17 Mini Phone 1000MAh With Warranty
Tk 1,199 Save
Winstar W17 Power Bank Phone 7000mAh Dual Sim
Tk 1,999 Save
ZT600G Land Phone Dual Sim FM Radio Desk Phone
Tk 2,800 Save
Micronex MX54 Mini Phone Dual Sim Black
Tk 1,450 Save
Bontel C4 Four Sim Phone 3000mAh
Tk 1,999 Save
Maximus MB40 Pro Max Four Sim Phone Blue

Maximus MB40 Pro Max Four Sim Phone Blue

  • Brand: new
  • Model: new
  • RAM: new
  • Storage: new
Tk 1,800 Save
Samsung A70 Pro Foldable Phone Dual Sim With Cover Purpal

Samsung A70 Pro Foldable Phone Dual Sim With Cover Purpal

  • Brand: new
  • Model: new
  • Storage: new
Tk 4,500 Save

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Buy the latest mobile phones within a budget price in Bangladesh

In today's fast-paced world, Mobile phones have become essential for staying connected in real-time. With the introduction of 4G networks in Bangladesh, there has been a surge in demand for phones, prompting manufacturers like SAMSUNG, Nokia, and Motorola to offer affordable options. From budget-friendly to high-end flagship smartphones, there's a wide range of choices available. ClickBD understands the daunting task of selecting the right mobile phone from numerous brands and models. That's why we're here to help! Explore our comprehensive overview of the latest mobile phone prices in Bangladesh, complete with detailed specifications, features, and user reviews, to make your purchasing decision easier.

Latest mobile phone price list with 2024 spec

Mobile Phone ListPrice in BD
iPhone 14 128GB Midnight (Unofficial)Tk90,000
iPhone 15 128GB Pink (Unofficial)Tk 106,750
iPhone 15 128GB Black (Unofficial)Tk 106,750
iPhone 15 Pro 128GB Natural Titanium (Unofficial)Tk 140,000
iPhone 15 Pro 256GB Natural Titanium (Unofficial)Tk 152,500
iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB Black Titanium (Unofficial)Tk 162,000
iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB White Titanium (Unofficial)Tk 162,000
iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB Blue Titanium (Unofficial)Tk 162,000

Mobile phone available at the best price

ClickBD, the most trusted mobile shop in the country, offers the widest range of feature phones and mobile phones at the best price. Choose your favorite one from the most popular e-commerce site in at your desired price of mobile phone in BD. At ClickBD, you can buy a smartphone by selecting a price range and other properties like a 5G, fast charging, foldable, or eSim-supported phones. Whether you want an Apple iPhone or the best Android smartphone, we have it. With all the available information on the best smartphone prices for this year, you can easily compare and choose the right one for you. Plus, enjoy fast delivery straight to your doorstep, anywhere in Bangladesh by ordering online. Besides, the mobile phone accessories segment at ClickBD is there to find the best mobile accessories for your device at an enticing price.

Top mobile phone brands to choose from

ClickBD’s assortment of phones has devices from the top mobile phone brands to choose from. Here, you can buy the best phone from reputed mobile brands like Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Oppo, Google Pixel, Realme, Xiaomi, VIVO, and many more.

Buying the best mobile phone

To buy the best mobile phone that meets all your needs, you should keep a close eye on various aspects of the device. To get the best mobile, star by setting your budget and purpose and then move towards features like size, CPU & GPU, RAM, display resolution, battery, etc. This way you can rest assured that your purchase is at a justified pricing.

Types of mobile phones

Since the beginning of them, mobile phones have seen a lot of advancements. Basic mobile phones only allow calling and SMS. Leaving basic phones, the most popular mobile phones in Bangladesh can be categorized into 2 types.


Smartphones today are an evolution of feature phones, offering advanced features and capabilities. They typically operate on the LTE 4G network and come equipped with an operating system such as Android or iOS. These devices provide users with access to WiFi and cellular internet, GPS navigation, and the ability to install various applications. Samsung smartphones were among the first to feature the Android OS, setting a benchmark for the industry. While smartphone prices in Bangladesh can vary, entry-level models start at around Tk 6,000, with the best value options typically priced around Tk 8,000. At the higher end of the spectrum, flagship smartphones offer top-of-the-line features but may come with a higher price tag.

Feature phones

Feature phone is the very “bricks” of the development of smartphones today. Feature phones are also popular as “Button phones” in our country. These advanced mobile phones bridge the gap between smartphones and basic phones. These became popular in post-2000s. Feature phone price in BD is lower than smartphones but offer great value with a rugged body and long battery life. The price of feature phones in Bangladesh starts at just above Tk 1,200 Taka. These are a great choice for elderly members and also as backup phones to younger users..

Features to consider before buying

Before buying a mobile phone, you should look for some specific features. This feature may add or even reduce the price of the mobile phone you will be using. You should not get a feature-rich mobile phone for which you have no use. This way, you can cut unnecessary prices.


A mobile phone’s screen is the most important component. With touchscreens and many types and technologies, it is important to look closer at the screen before buying. Screen size will determine how immersive your visual experience is. Most smartphone screens are TFT-LCD type displays. They are amazing in brightness and detail. There are also AMOLED display phones like Samsung, which offer a superior contrast.


The performance of a mobile depends on the CPU and GPU. Snapdragon, MediaTek, and iPhone’s A series Bionic chips are popular for stable performance. These mobile processors also feature integrated graphics. Look for higher core counts with more clock speed for faster processing.

Camera quality

Mobile phones offer a whopping number of megapixels today. You can get as many as 108 MP smartphones in the market. While megapixel is a serious scale to measure camera quality, other factors also play a big role. A good image sensor and processor coupled with a great lens can bring a much better picture than gigantic megapixels. Read online reviews and snap photos at the phone shop to know how well your preferred model performs.

RAM & Internal Storage

Mobile phone storage is two types: RAM & internal storage. More RAM will allow more apps to run with faster loading times. Currently, 3GB RAM is the bare minimum, but you can go as high as 6GB, 8GB, or even 12 GB in flagship smartphone models.

Besides the existing internal storage for permanent data, you can add expansion memory cards for added space. You can also add memory cards to make room for more data. Typically, mobile phones of today require at least 32GB. Look for an expansion option on your smartphone to stay safe for more files, photos, and other data. You can add cards of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and even beyond.

Battery & charging

The battery & charging is one of the most important features to consider on a mobile phone. Your battery life depends on the phone’s screen size, brightness, and overall interaction. Touchscreen phones drain faster than their non-touch counterparts. On average, anything more than a 4000mAh battery should give you enough power for the day. Gaming on the phone, however, will draw much more battery, and we recommend at least 5000 mAh.

Quick Charge and Flash Charging mobile phones charge the mobile phone battery faster. Thunderbolt Type C will allow fast charging. Smartphone chargers above 20W come with a significantly fast charging capability. There are various fast charging protocols such as QC, PD, PPS, etc.

eSim Smartphone

Most of the telecom operators are introducing eSim on mobile phones for a smarter Bangladesh. So, get an eSim smartphone on your next mobile purchase for years of convenient communication.


Type C, USB 2 & 3 are important for enhanced connectivity. USB 3 Type C will have a tremendously more data transfer rate than USB 2 Type C. OTG support on smartphones is also important if you deal with lots of data on the go. Look for OTG mobile phones if you are a fan of this feature. Bluetooth is also important. The latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard is featured in many Earbuds and AirPods. So, take a look at this feature as well when buying.

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