Managing your Ads

Managing your Ads

To find your Ad you'll need to first log in and then go to classified section in the homepage. Once your there, click on 'Your ClickBD' it will show you a drop down menu with the option 'Manage Your Ads.' [homepage -> classified -> Your ClickBD -> Manage you Ad
The Manage you Ad option can be used to edit/modify or delete your Ad.
The Manage you Ad option can be used to delete an Ad.

A feature or a Premium Ad is one where we charge you a fee to make your Ad appear on the top of the list. A Premium Ad can have validity from 3 to 15 days depending on the plan selected The priorities fall in the order of:

1 Featured 3days/Tk.120 7days/Tk.180 15days/Tk.300
2 Top 3days/Tk.60 7days/Tk.90 15days/Tk.150
3 Urgent 3days/Tk.30 7days/Tk.42 15days/Tk.72

It can help sell your product better because, you item will appear on the top of the list till its expiry no matter how many Ads pour in everyday.

On top of every classified Ad page, there's a save option marked with a green star. You can save upto 3 Ads at a given time. Also the top 5 recently viewed items will appear at the bottom of the page.