Pantone Formula guide solid coated solid uncoated 2020 Brand New

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  • Brand: Pantone
  • Size: 1 5/8" x 9 1/4"
  • Color: 2161
  • Style: regular
  • Type: Book
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DESCRIPTION ( Pantone Formula guide solid coated solid uncoated 2020 )

  • Number of Colors in the current latest guide: 2,161
  • New Colors Added: 294
  • Older edition GP1601N had 1,867 colors
  • Guides: 2 - [Coated & Uncoated]
  • Original, Sealed Packed, Ideal for Printing, Packaging, Graphic Designing, Chemicals, Inks, and Pharmaceuticals.

The New Pantone Formula Guide Plus Series GP1601N with warranty released on 1st July, 2020 has a total of 2,161 colors, which is an addition of 294 new colors added to the old edition - GP1601N. This paper product, Pantone Formula Guide has all the coated colors as well as uncoated colors [Solid Colors] included in the package which is divided into 2 Guides. Official Pantone Warranty included.

One Guide has all the coated colors which have an initial of 'C' starting and the other guide has all colors which have an initial of 'U'. Overall the Pantone Color Chart has all the spot colors and Pantone PMS colors. This Pantone Color Formula Guide is used for up to 3 colours printing. Pantone C Color formulas and U color formulas codes, which have all the color combinations and shades in CMYK and RGB Codes are included with the Pantone Formula Guide set book.

Application of Pantone Color Formula Guides in India

This coated & Uncoated Pantone Formula guide helps in accurately identifying the color and confidently communicating it to achieve the right results. It is used in the following areas:

Logos & branding

Graphics colors presentation, to use in photoshop, designing, matching, and improving the quality of the product. Logo Designing on Photoshop is done in CMYK colors, converting these spot colors to RGB colors is needed while printing on paper. Here is when the Pantone Formula Book will be of great assistance as it has the codes of color side by side ono the flyer and just needs to be matched by the designers.

Packaging of goods

Excellent color representation is a must in packaging to showcase the highest standards of the end retail product, only the coated formula guide can give the right combinations for the Pantone colors in the packaging industry.

Spot color printing

This prescription type formula book has RGB codings for easy reading to help printers for the right shades.

Pantone Formula Guide 2019 New Colors 294

Graphic Designing

This includes any kids in designing of graphics where Pantone colors are used. It may include any software where the entire graphic is to bee presented as an original colored product that must look true and similar in any part of the world. This can be achieved only by using the formula fan deck of Pantone.

Inks and Inks Manufacturing

Inks are used in printing and textiles and need the formulations as per the industry demand, this book helps all kinds of ink industries in the various ink combinations. Inks need supreme accuracy as they define the final output of the product. Understanding the designers, this 2 book set has necessary color combinations of the inks industry as well.

Color Sampling

Selecting colors with Pantone color book makes it easier for professionals to get a rough idea before designing.

What is included in the Pantone Formula Guide Coated Series Plus Edition?
  1. New Colors - An additional set of 112 colors launched in 2019 are a part of the new edition bringing the total number of colors to 1,867

  2. Pantone Color Manager Software: Earlier, the buyers had to incur additional cost to purchase the software, however, now it is provided with the product. The software allows integrating of all the latest Pantone Color Libraries into the design applications which can directly be used for color-sampling

2020 Edition Pantone Formula Guide

Benefits of buying Coated / Uncoated Book from Design Info 
  • Includes colors in both coated as well as uncoated paper. The Pantone Coated guide contains the solid colors in a special coated format which look rich and brighter than the Pantone PMS colors in the Pantone Uncoated solid colors guide.

  • Chromatic arrangement of colors for easy identification of different color families

  • Index present towards the end of the guide for quick access for colors

  • Convenient and portable fan-like packaging, handy for designers to carry and easy to conduct color-matching

  • Also comes with a light indicator tool, which indicates if the current light condition is suitable for color evaluation and matching

  • Designinfo offers a FREE COVER with the Pantone to protect the product from any physical damages such as dust and water

Specifications of the Coated & Uncoated Guide

Specifications of the Guide Book
  • Number of guides: 2 (Pantone Coated-C & Pantone Uncoated-U)

  • Total number of colors: 2,161

  • Number of Colors in each page: 7. That is when the fan guide is faced vertical, you will be able to see 7 rows of different shades. Each row will have the color and below that will be written in the text the Pantone Spot color name and code.

  • Size of Each Page: 1 5/8" x 9 1/4" = 4.12cm x 23.5cm approximately.

  • The guide is portable and the FREE Original Pantone PROTECTION COVER offered by Design Info will secure the product against any damages such as dust and water.

  • When purchased from Design Info Pantone Partner - by default warranty is included with original papers.

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