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  • Brand: Pantone
  • Color: 2625
  • Style: regular
  • Type: Book


  • Total Colors: 2625
  • No. of New Colors: 315
  • Old Pantone TPG Edition had 2310 Colors.
  • Protection Cover Guide Included. Official Release - 3rd July 2020
  • ColorPrefix : TPG
  • Total 2 Guides Included in this Package: Part1 & Part 2 incl 315 Additional Colors.
  • Original Seal Packed.

The New Pantone Color Guide for Fashion, Home & Interiors will be available for ready dispatch in Bangladesh on 3rd March 2020. This updated edition of Fashion & Home Color Guide has 315 new colors, which is the latest edition for 2020. The Guide has all colors split into 2 for better usage. This product is imported from Pantone Llc, USA, and has the Color Manager software included in it. Pantone TPG Colour Guide is widely used in Home Furnishing, Architecture, Textile Color Matching, Furniture and is the best alternative to expensive TCX products. Buy Pantone Color Guide & Pantone FHIP Colour Guide, now with a special offer price. Assuring the lowest and best price in Bangladesh 

What does Pantone TPG stand for? - > Textile Paper 'GREEN' 

The Pantone Colour Guide is used for color matching and the first print is available for true colors and complete accuracy. All Colors are printed on paper and each page has 7 Colours of size width 4.2cm and length 2cm. Each strip in the Pantone Color Guide Fan is of total length 23.2cm. The index and color numbers of the previous edition have not changed. Only new colors have been added. The Guide is in a Fan format which can be opened and displayed easily. However, care must be taken to not use oily handy to prevent fading of colors.  Pantone TPG is a subcategory of the Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors, wherein TPG stands for Textile Paper - Green. This subcategory falls in the FHIP category of Pantone Fashion Home Interiors Color Guide. This subcategory offers colors for both, paper as well as fabric. The ‘Green’ in TPG denotes the latest change in the FHIP line, wherein the lead and chromium content of the TPX products have been removed to create a safe and environment-friendly product. The Pantone Color Guide is offered in a portable fan deck. Designed in a two-volume set for ease of use, each of the volumes comprises of 7 colors per page. Each color is showcased via 1.6” x 0.8” paper chips formulated using lacquer stripe coating. The latest edition of this Pantone Colour Guide comprises of 315 new colors based on the current market trends.

  1. Including a total of 2,625 colors, the colors in Pantone color TPG Guide are arranged in a chromatic format making it extremely easy to use. Each of the colors in this book is referenced using a corresponding name and number.
  2. This Pantone Guide for Textile is ideally designed to be used in textiles and apparels, fashion accessories, cosmetics, leather goods as well as ceramics.
  3. Inspired by nature, the Pantone FHIP110A is in line with the Pantone’s trends 2020 and comprises of colors which are bright and vivid exuding a sense of unmatched exuberance.
  4. Pantone Color Guide is widely used in Textile and Home / Interiors. Buy the Pantone Colour Guide now and get a special cover for the protection of the Pantone TPG Colour guide from dust and oil.

All Colors are numerically referenced and arranged according to the index so that finding any color becomes easy. The formula for all colors is provided in the Pantone Color manager provided with the Pantone Fashion Home Colour guide. There will be 2 guides in the box. If these colors are needed in Fabric / Cotton then TCX products have to be purchased. The Latest  Pantone TPGGuide has the code FHIP110A and you may buy it now. The Pantone Textile color guide has helped designers in several fields and not just for Fashion & Home. The Pantone Color Guide is fan-shaped and is a reference guide for designers. However, if manufacturers wish to share colors in their manufacturing units with the merchandisers, they should opt for the  which Pantone Color guaid set  has the Pantone TPG Chips book from which Pantone TPG Colors can be removed and shared with different people. You must buy Pantone Color guides from its Authorised distributor - Design Info only. Buy Pantone Colour Guide and get a FREE Cover with the guide set.

Pantone TPG color guide

This eco-friendly Pantone paper guide is created without lead and chromium making it the greener option. Being under the FHI category, the Pantone TPG color guide gives designers the inspiration that they need. The medium and the method of the color swatches created plays an important role in acquiring the accurate shade of the desired colors. Since the Pantone FHI color shade cards also have subcategories that include TPG, it is meant for only specific surfaces to reproduce the same color has seen within the shade charts. The paper used by the TPG swatches is created by adding lacquer to a coated stock paper. The absorption ability of the stock paper makes it the ideal choice for this Pantone color guide TPG, that can be used on surfaces that have the similar properties of absorption. The colors displayed within TPG is similar to the other Pantone textile guides but ae meant to be used on surfaces that need a coating of color rather than soft materials that will take in the shade. Being a Pantone FHI subcategory, the TPG colors can be applicable hard surfaces in the home furnishing department, paint and chemicals. Predominantly seen in hard home furnishing items, the TPG colors can be used on surfaces within the fashion industry as well. The cosmetic industry that requires hard casings for its products use the TPG colors on those surfaces and receive the exact color that is seen within the TPG shade cards. In the leather industry as well, these shades are utilized to coat the surface with the required colors. From fashion accessories like necklaces to buckles on a bag, ceramic plate coatings to the coating of a table, TPG has the ideal shades that can be used to coat these surfaces.

Pantone FHI Colour shade cards, a gateway to innovation

The Pantone textile shade cards that are produced included newly created shades that can be used within the industry. The FHI category sees a maximum of changes and developments within this genre and is extremely volatile in terms of trends and fads. Pantone FHI category needs to be on top of the consumer behavior, the current influential trends and contemporary fads to create new colors that can be incorporated by designers. Since fashion, home and interiors are an important part of a person’s daily life and is a reflection of personal style, Pantone has to create new shades to appeal to the global textile consumers. With the latest trends and contemporary notions affecting the buyer's choice, the Pantone TPG color guide includes new shades that are in sync with the current fads. With 315 new colors found within this TPG shade card, the designers can innovate designs with the help of new colors that will be appreciated by the customers. It is the need of the hour for FHI shade cards to be relevant and includes trending shades to be acknowledged and be noticed within the cascade of options that are available globally. The Pantone TPG color guide allows the designers to bring versatility and innovations to the surface.

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