Expert MacBook Pro Liquid Water Damage Repair

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    DESCRIPTION ( Expert MacBook Pro Liquid Water Damage Repair )

    Apple Lab Repair Center MacBook Pro repaired from liquid damage is fast & easy using our nationwide mail in service.

    Liquid Damage Repairs:
    Not all liquids are the same. Pure filtered and de-ionized water are not conductive, but when salt is added to the equation, shorts occur. Salts that dissolve in water break into positively and negatively charged ions, which conduct electricity. Conductivity is the ability of water to carry an electrical current, and the dissolved ions act as conductors, which causes shorts.

    The success rate of the repairs will vary depending on what was spilled onto your laptop. Liquids such as water and coffee are less severe, but salty waters such as soups are the most difficult to repair. Shorts and damaged traces occur most frequently with salty liquids.

    Although the type of liquid spilled is important, the amount of time the logic board was exposed to the liquid plays a key role as well. If the power source (battery or AC adapter) was removed right after the accident, damages will be minimal and the system may work after a simple cleaning and drying process. However, problems arise when the battery or AC adapter stays connected. With a current still passing through components, oxidation occurs, as oxygen in the water reacts with metals on the logic board. This causes the leads of some components to become non conductive. This is where we prevail because we have the experience as well as schematics of your laptop to do on-board, component level repairs.

    Whatever the reasons, we are your best bet to fixing your Apple Products. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the equipment to perform the necessary repairs. We are BBB certified! We have a reputation to protect, and we are on Yelp. Check us out! We are Apple Lab. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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