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DESCRIPTION ( Fire Extinguisher ABC Dry Powder 5 KG )

We are from Correct Engineering Service Ltd.
We believe in Correct Professionalism

Where Use: Paper, Wood, Fibers and Plastics, Oil, Petrol, Thinner, Kerosene, Butane, Chloride, Natural Propane, Vinyl Chloride, Natural Gases, Electrical fire.
Refill Price:
1. Refill per kg = 100 Tk (C02)
2. Refill Per kg = 90 Tk (ABC)
3. Refill Per Kg= 90 Tk(Foam)
Technical Specifications:
• Type: Dry Chemical Powder Type Fire Extinguisher
• Country: China.
• Capacity: 5 kg
• Testing Pressure (kgf/cm2): 30
• Working Pressure (Kgf/cm2): 15
• Approx Jet Range (Mtr): 5
• Jet maintain for min-sec: 15 – 20
• Minimum % of discharge: 85
• Temperature Range (°C) : 0-60
• Propellant: N2
• Min. Wall Thickness (mm): 1.6
• Empty weight in kg. (approx.): 3.08
• Full weight in kg. (approx.): 8.08
• Valve: Brass Forged
• Body Material: Anti Corrosive Mild Steel
• Feature: ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher is suitable for fire on ordinary combustible, highly inflammable liquids,
• Gases expelled under pressure and fires under electric tension.
• Fire Extinguishing Agents: NH4 H2 PO4
• Fire Rating: 2A 9B
• Working temp: -20°C ~ +55°C
• Driving Gas: Nitrogen at 1.2Mpa

Our Service:
• We have all kinds of other support:
Refill Extinguisher, ABC Powder 1kg to 3kg, Full Gas Mask, Fire Blanket (4 x 6), Fire Apron, Gum, Smoke Alarm, Exit Light & Stand.
• Whole sell price rate 850/- for this rate Minimum Order quantity 50 pcs.
• 1 Year Replacement Warranty
• Expert Technical Team
• 24x7 Supports
• Quality Assured
• Home Delivery Service all over Bangladesh

We are Government Registered Company.

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