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    DESCRIPTION ( "The Rain" একটি জনপ্রিয় চলচিত্র -- )

    Sorry, popularity and quality doesn't mean a synonymous term.

    I came out of the blue--এর বাংলা সরাসরি করা সম্ভব? অথবা ছাত্ররা পরীক্ষা দিয়েছিল এর ইংরেজী কী?Like these I can bring
    about hundred and hundred examples now!

    You must learn English through English expressions and contexts, otherwise you never write
    and speak English meticulously and correctly. Then, our own Bangla translation will come automatically
    --as you are non native, clear? Think English context when you learn English,or Bangladesh context when
    you learn Bangla--it is the most scientific process.

    "The Rain" একটি জনপ্রিয় চলচিত্র , পরিচালক এর নাম জনাব শফি বিক্রমপুরি, ওযাশিম নায়ক----, এর বাংলা করা হয়েছিল--”যখন বৃষ্টি হয়েছিল”,
    বুঝা গেল বিষয়টি কেন বাংগালী এরা কোচিং সেন্টারে ইংরেজী শিখতে পারছেনা? এজন্যই আমি সাধারনত এসব সেন্টারে পড়াই না শুধু পড়াই
    online এ া

    Yes, these types of English those which we are learning from our so called many coaching centers or even from our English
    department (with esteemed respect to them) of many universities sometime these are not effective to have getting job in the
    middle east country schools and colleges and Europe or the the USA ---it is just a nightmare now!

    But, it is effective to participate at our job markets, but after having the jobs, our maximum educated bureaucrats and others
    just forget the essence of English language. Unfortunately, later they can't communicate with native people perfectly or can't negotiate
    with them meticulously--this loss we bear all general people--the quintessence and veracity.

    I personally realized it :সুতরাং শুরু হয় নতুন করে ইংরেজী শেখা! গত ৭ বৎসরে Harvard/Oxford/Cambridge বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের অনেক নাম করা ইংরেজী
    professors দের সান্নিধে আসারও সুযোগ হলো, views exchange চলতে থাকলো ; Indian নামকরা ইংরেজী শিক্ষকগণ ও এখানে আছে কিন্তু দু:খজনক হলেও সত্য
    বাংলাদেশের টিচারগন না জানি কী কারণে এই প্রয়োজনীয় forums গুলোতে অংশ গ্রহন করেনা! ভয়? যদি ভুল হয়? অথচ To err is human being! Many native teachers
    have been participating over there and admitting their troubles easily.Occasionally, I myself do little wrong too--no mistakes, no learning!

    And it is why our thousands of students having Hons and Masters in English now a days not getting any job to the Middle east countries
    schools and colleges though once our many of these students got used to having such jobs before 1990. Now this market is fully occupied
    by native teachers ( though many have no conventional English language degrees!) as well as few non natives like the Philippines and Indians!

    Billion dollars article writing jobs are a dream even for having English honors and Masters from Bangladeshi though many Indians and the Philippines
    are earning! Unless Bangladeshi understand what is English medium or English version, latter part only suitable getting jobs in Bangladesh not to abroad.

    Manager to -- Quazi's step in English grammar to LinkedIn and Facebook.

    MinhajQuazi ( Pen name) probably one of the most view article writers among all Bangladeshi around the world to PULSE, LinkedIn, where
    400 million professionals are having above 1 million writers, a big venue for articulate professionals only.

    # book is going to write based on Entrepreneurship, management and trade by a British publisher, another the USA for amazon sales soon, pls
    . keep an eye.

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