Be aware of our local news papers' English writing styles---

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    DESCRIPTION ( Be aware of our local news papers' English writing styles--- )

    Be aware of our local news papers' English writing styles ( most of them, sorry!) like if you want to be popular writers on international venues
    as our styles are not stewed there!

    বইতো অনেকেই লিখে কিন্তু জনপ্রিয় হয় কয় জনেরটা? যারা প্রতিদিনের ভাত খাওয়ার মত বসলাম আর লিখলাম তাদের
    বিষয়ে আমি কিছুই বলছিনা ------ এখানে হুমায়ূন আজাদ কী বলেছিলেন হমায়ূন আহমেদ এর লিখা নিয়ে তাও জানা অপ্রয়োজন --কারণ জনপ্রিয় না হলে লেখক টাকার অভাবে
    এক সময় লিখা ছেড়ে দেয়, আর যার টাকা সমস্যা নয় সে অক্সিজেন (জনপ্রিয়তা) এর অভাবে লিখালিখি বাদ দেয়----১৯৮২ সাল থেকে কত দেখলাম তার সংখ্যা জানা নেই!!!

    Hey? Would you like to be a popular writer on international arena? Are you trying to writing on various English daily news papers or to international forums/venues?

    Would you like to write an English book on various topics or subjects? Then you need to make it popular to Amazon or other popular sales venue for earning money?

    The English writers' foundation, Bangladesh, can assist you right there!

    How? We follow the Harvard English professors' guidelines like Daina Hacker and Nancy Sommers magic book and teaching that have been following millions of
    millions PhD thesis/other writers in the USA and UK for years including many popular book writers year after year, why not you?

    MinhajQuazi ( Pen name) probably one of the most viewing article writers among all Bangladeshi around the
    world to PULSE, LinkedIn, where 400 million professionals are having above 1 million writers, a big venue for articulate professionals only.


    How to learn to writing? (Method)

    For whom?

    ## Any govt. officer/s, preparing IELTS exam, reporters of news papers, writers who like to write international venues, PhD thesis writers and so on---

    Online ( individual or two) or come to us at least three persons.

    One will place his/her any writing in English topic/s, we will show him/her up where is the trouble in terms of standard English writing styles, grammar, punctuation instantly.
    We generally follow AP style. ( the USA 80% media and Govt. level use it)

    Timing: At least 3 hours in a day, 15 hours in a week, per person just 5,000taka only. from after Fazar to 11.45pm, exact timing is negotiable. Condition: You have to book
    at least 7.30 hours.If two then 4,000tk each, three persons 3,500 taka each the highest number to cope with accolade excellence.

    Address: Tropical Mahabub Plaza, 3rd flr. Topkhana road, Dhaka: Or Pallabi.

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