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Energex DSP Pure Sine Wave Ips/Ups 1500VA 5Yrs War. With Dip Brand New

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  • Brand: Energex
  • Model: DSP
Category: Electronics > IPS, UPS, Batteries & Generators > > > Energex DSP Pure Sine Wave Ips/Ups 1500VA 5Yrs War. With Dip

DESCRIPTION ( Energex DSP Pure Sine Wave Ips/Ups 1500VA 5Yrs War. With Dip )

DSP Pure Sine Wave LONG BACK-UP UPS with Battery & Installation / Only Control Unit..
SAME AS ON-LINE UPS. 5 yrs Warranty.
¬ World’s Most Advanced DSP Based PWM Technology. ENERGEX DSP(Digital Signal Processor) UPS/IPS PURE SINE WAVE LCD-Display. Capacity: 1 KVA – 10 KVA.
*ENERGEX DSP PURE SINE WAVE COMMERCIAL LONG BACK-UP UPS/IPS (600 VA-10000 VA) based on World’s most advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology. It is safest combination of UPS/IPS/ Inverter, The power it supplies is actually purer than the power supplied from the mains. This is clearly evident, as appliances don’t make any irritating, humming sound as they do on normal UPS/IPS in the market.

* Your sensitive and expensive equipment will be correctly powered by ENERGEX DSP SINE WAVE COMMERCIAL UPS/IPS, Which an ordinary UPS/IPS cannot supply the right kinds of power to run the equipment. ENERGEX UPS/IPS gives the right charging for the batteries ensuring life and less toping up for your batteries.

*All the application such as Power tools, Lights, Fans, LCD-TV, Satellite Receiver, Computer, Printer, Monitor, Scanner, Washing machine, Water pump, Microwave Oven, Server, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, EPABX, Intercoms, Photo-Copier, Type Writer , Medical Instrument etc, over the years, any residential and commercial unit, can run all together, which requires uninterrupted power back-up source, 220 V @ 50Hz Pure Sine Wave Output. An ordinary UPS is not equipped with the power to support and run multiple appliances that draw enormous energy from source.

* DSP BASED PWM TECHNOLOGY USING MOSFET: DSP is the most powerful technologies and is meant for high speed processing application. This helps in saving loss of power, which happens during the process of power by the normal UPS.

* PURE SINE WAVE OUTPUT: Pure Sine Wave 100% clean, Regulated, and completely stable and distortion free power, which is absolutely safe to running sophisticated appliance without humming& irritating, sound.

* LCD- will display! Battery Voltage, Inverter output Voltage, Inverter Load in Watt. Charger on/off& Charging Ampere., UPS Mode/Inverter Mode, Inverter/UPS Standby on/off, Mains AC Voltage etc.

* Protection against: Over load, short circuit, battery dip discharge, battery over charge, main over voltage, reverse connection or phase and neutral of mains input. In all these error condition will be shown in the LCD display.

* INSTANT SWITCHOVER: In case of power failure, the process of switchover to the battery mode is a few milliseconds, hence the power supplied to the connected appliance s, like computers is not interrupted, as a result of which the system does not reboot.

* LONGER BATTERY LIFE: DUE TO SMPS FUZZY LOGIC CHARGING TECHNIQUE ENERGEX DSP UPS protect the battery, reduce frequently of water topping and Enhances battery life by sensing the requirement of charging required by the battery.

(Charger working range: 130 – 270V). Charging Current: 5 A – 40 A settable. Fast and powerful charger with 10A and 40A.

* Selectable settings for flooded lead acid, gel, or absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries.

Case of excessive heating, the system will display warning and shutdown automatically.

* 20 KHz operating frequency while inverter and charging, absolutely no sound.

* Capable of driving reactive & capacitive load at start moment.

* Cycle-Cycle current limiting. This is enhanced Protection method for the short circuit/
Heavy load condition.

* Thermal controlled double Turbo cooling fan with Circuit & Transformer for long Back-Up.

* GREAT MONEY SAVER: ENERGEX DSP Commercial UPS can be installed with: 1 KVA=1Battery, 2 KVA=2 Battery, 3 KVA=3 Battery, 4 KVA= 4 battery, 5 KVA= 5 battery, built in technology it helps carry the load with lesser number of batteries and saves a considerable amount of space and money.

* REDUCE ELECTRICITY BILLS: ENERGEX DSP COMMERCIAL UPS has been designed with a very low load power consumption, which saves many units per year helping to reduce electricity bill. Its superior back up mode makes it 90% more efficient than any other UPS today.

5Yrs Warranty For Control unit. ( BATTERY LIFE APPROXIMATELY 3-5 YEARS.)

3. Remark: Customized specifications are accepted.

## IPS/UPS only Control unit Price list ## DSP PURE SINE WAVE ( LCD-Display.)
With 5 Yrs Warranty.
250VA IPS /UPS Control Unit Price- 5500/ BDT.
400VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 6,500/
625VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 8,500/
800VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 9,500/
1000VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 12,500/
1250VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 15,500/
1600VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 19,500/
2000VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 24,500/
2500VA IPS /UPS Control Unit price- 28,500/
3000VA IPS /UPS Control Unit Price- 32500/
4000VA IPS /UPS Control Unit Price- 39500/
5000VA IPS /UPS Control Unit Price- 49500/
6000VA IPS /UPS Control Unit Price- 69500/

* Contact: 01812250000, 01932092900, 01672500070, 01781388600.
* Planners Tower, 5th Floor, 13/A Sonargoan Road, DHAKA.
* Royal Techno Enterprise,Ky-7,1st flr, Bosundhara main road,. DHAKA.

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