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  • Brand: LED Ship
  • Model: 12 Volt LED Ship
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DESCRIPTION ( Power On Electronics LED Light - 12 volt LED Ship ...5 miter )

1. Selecting A LED Strip Light for Decoration (2)Last time, we talked about 2 main things to choose a LED strip
light: waterproof andcolor. Now we will go on to talk about that.1. 5050 or 3528 LED strip light. The number
means the size of the individual LEDs onthe strip.5050 indicates that the chip size 5mm by 5mm, while 3528
means 3.5mm by2.8mm. The main difference between these two types is the consistency of light theyproduce
. 3528 LEDs will create a more jagged and inconsistent effect, while 5050 LEDswill provide a more even spread
of light. As the different lighting effect, usually the priceof 5050 strips is higher than 3528. If you want a good
lighting effect, I suggest you the5050 strips, but if you don’t want to pay too much money or you just want to
have a try,then should be the 3528.2. Brightness. This brightness should decided by the number of of LEDs
within a meter.Usually, we have 1M 30pcs LEDs, 1M 60pcs LEDs or 1M 120pcs LEDs. The more LEDson the
strip are , the brighter the strips are.3. Flexible or not . It depends on the application. Flexible strip can be used
in manyplaces for example on the corner of a round ceiling. As this type of strip can adjustaccording to the
places they are going to be installed. Let’s suppose, if a boy wants tomake the strips into a LOVE shape. That
will be hard for him to finish if he uses a rigidstrip, but flexible one can help him to make a good effect.If one day
you want to buy some LED strips for decoration, you can take this as areference.

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