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IPS for sell at cheap price Brand New

Asking Price:
Tk. 7,500

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Ramna, Dhaka
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  • New/Used: Brand New
  • Brand: Digital
  • Model: 625VA
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DESCRIPTION ( IPS for sell at cheap price )

Electricity problem???
Load Shedding???

Do you want to buy IPS machine at cheap price?
Do you want Bangladeshi made Good Quality IPS machine???

Use our online/offline IPS machine & save your money

" Cheap price in Bangladesh but Number one Quality "

IPS machine full package offer

400VA genuine 320w IPS with 100AH Brand Battery
2 Fan+2 Light or alternate combination
Price: 15,000 Taka

625VA genuine 500w IPS with 130AH Brand Battery
3 Fan+3 Light or alternate combination
Price: 18,000 Taka

800VA genuine 640w IPS with 200AH Brand Battery
4 Fan+4 Light or alternate combination
Price: 24,000 Taka

1000VA genuine 800w IPS with 200AH Brand Battery
5 Fan+5 Light or alternate combination
Price: 27,000 Taka

## One Year IPS machine + Battery Replacement Warranty/guarantee from the date of installation ##

## IPS only machine/unit Price list ##

400VA IPS only machine price- 5,500 BDT
625VA IPS only machine price- 7,500 BDT
800VA IPS only machine price- 9,000 BDT
1000VA IPS only machine price- 11,000 BDT
1250VA IPS only machine price- 16,500 BDT
1500VA IPS only machine price- 20,000 BDT
2000VA IPS only machine price- 25,000 BDT
2500VA IPS only machine price- 30,000 BDT

--We sell Instant power supply machine with battery or without battery--

***One year free service and replacement guarantee from the date of installation***

Supported 12V DC Batteries
Hamko, Lucas, Volvo, Voltex, Navana, Spark, General, Lumens, Apollo, Leader, Diamac and Maintenance free battery,

Fully Automatic
Micro control circuit
Low battery protection
Battery over charge protection
Battery deep discharge protection
Built in Automatic voltage regulator
Overload & short circuit protection
LED status and LCD display
Long Battery backup time
Mosfet & IGBT based circuit board
Special made Transformer with genuine silicon core
Modified SINE WAVE

You can use our IPS at-
LCD TV, Fan, Tube light, Energy saving light, Desktop or Laptop PC,
Computer server, Multiple PC for cyber cafe or call center/ customer care center,
Large format color printer, Commercial uses

IPS- 400VA to 10kVA

(Pure sine wave 3:3 or 3:1 or 1:1 Phase output power, Foreign made)

Please contact with us for more information about our products and order:

Digital Engineering
Telecommunication and Power Specialist
Fujitsu Ltd. Tokyo Japan
Authorized Telecommunication & Network Engineering Team


Cell: 01711137949, 01674333866, 01819466441,
Tel: 044-777-00990


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