MIDEA Dehumidifier MDDG-30DEN1 in Bangladesh
Tk. 22,500 Buy-It-Now
James Heal 100cm Fabric GSM Cutter
Tk. 16,500 Buy-It-Now
Incubator IB-01E Incubator 65L
Tk. 1,25,000 Buy-It-Now
HTP-005 Button Pull Test Machine
Tk. 1,35,000 Buy-It-Now
HTC-006 Perspirometer AATCC ISO
Tk. 35,000 Buy-It-Now
GSM200 Schroder GSM Weight Balance
Tk. 13,500 Buy-It-Now
Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test
Tk. 85,000 Buy-It-Now
Electric Wrap Reel Count Lea Strength
Tk. 1,50,000 Buy-It-Now
EK400H AND GSM Weight Balance
Tk. 6,500 Buy-It-Now
Digital Thickness Gauge Meter In Bangladesh
Tk. 8,000 Buy-It-Now
Digital Fusing Bond Tester SJFB10 bd
Tk. 8,500 Buy-It-Now
Crockmeter Rubber Fastness Tester GT-D05
Tk. 45,000 Buy-It-Now
Analog Thickness Gauge In Bangladesh
Tk. 6,200 Buy-It-Now
Analog Fusing Bond Test Machine
Tk. 5,500 Buy-It-Now
AATCC Color Fastness Crockmeter
Tk. 95,000 Buy-It-Now
45 Fixed Angle Table For Light Box
Tk. 13,500 Buy-It-Now
Benchtop PH Meter in Bangladesh
Tk. 25,000 Buy-It-Now
Benchtop pH meter BP3001 in Bangladesh
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Portable Moisture Meter for Seeds Bd
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Takemura Soil PH Meter DM 15 sell in Bangladesh Importer
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Paper Carton Moisture Meter in bangladesh Importer
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Handheld Ammonia Gas Detector in bangladesh Importer
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Conductivity TDS Salinity Tester Mode CON30 Taiwan
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Benchtop TDS meter CON500 Brand Clean In Bangladesh
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Digital hot plate magnetic stirrer mixer In Bangladesh
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40m Laser distance meter Model MS-40A In Bangladesh
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Laser Distance Meter 60 meters MS-60A In Bangladesh
Tk. 6,500 Buy-It-Now
Laser Distance Meter 80 meters MS-80A In BAngladesh
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Model AS8800L Stock In Stock Origin China Discount N
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AS8800L Combustible Gas Leak Detector In Bangladesh
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