web Design with php, css, mysql, scripts, cms, search, etc.

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    DESCRIPTION ( web Design with php, css, mysql, scripts, cms, search, etc. )

    Contact me 01670355836 or apu12th@gmail.com
    *The site is to be a combination of PHP with mysql, and html (html to be edited in dreamweaver in Design View). You are to create a manual slideshow script and search function, etc. [refer to zip file for more information please.] I expect to edit in Design View in Dreamweaver for all containers that are not cms controlled by PHP. The file called “partial layout graphic” is very useful to see the website I want to have.

    Your job is to implement the aspects of my detailed directions please, using references I provide to amend, add to, etc, to complete a website that is ready to go online.

    You will have ftp access to the directory for the domain, wolfetours.org

    Regarding graphics: the css files required for you to complete include container borders so you can see placements of design elements as they will be displayed. I'll fill in most graphics later, with only a few exceptions; e.g., I need you to have a graphic that duplicates the dynamic drop down menu "arrows". I need the arrows to become rounded. I will also provide the 6 slides for the slideshow and sample content to get some cms pages started, etc.

    You will have 2 mysql dbases that I will only name and create the server space for you (and I will provide login details for you). You will then set up the (2) mysqls and populate 5 pages I will determine to get the client started. Note that the Admin for the homepage and Admin for selected inside pages (per the “menu only.doc” menu items highlighted in green) are to be in 2 SEPARATE FOLDERS, functioning separately, each with its own mysql dbase mentioned above.

    The Admin folder for the homepage cms will be called “homepagecms”. The Admin folder for the selected inside pages will be called “insidecms” [Note that only 1 container in both layouts is to be cms with Admin. The rest of the containers in the website I want to edit in Design View in Dreamweaver]. You can see the 2 rough editable layouts in “homepage layout with reference background graphic.pdf” and “insidestyle.pdf”

    The main content of the website is to be 1100 pixels. With only one container in the top of the header, behind other containers, to be 100% width (see: “partial layout graphic”). I do not have a psd with the layers and ALL the notes, but you can see the notes from the “partial layout graphic”.


    You will edit the pdf layouts COLUMN AND ROW sizes to accommodate (appear like) the layout of “partial layout graphic”. Do not remove any boxes that represent containers. I am providing you with editable pdfs with a ROUGH css layout only. You will see the pdfs in the zip folder.

    Below the menu (header region) and above the footer region, for the homepage and selected insides pages, there will be a maximum of only 1 column is to be edited by Admin for CMS content. ONLY the menu items indicated in green on the “menu only.doc” will be CMS containers. The other containers are to be edited in Design View in Dreamweaver.

    Note, EVERY container in the 2 css’s you create will have a unique container name, but I am providing default settings (e.g., font, font sizes, backgrounds and a border) that will apply to all containers. Subsequently, I will be able to change ANY container in the css and AND IT WILL NOT EEFFCT THE SETTINGS OF ANY OTHER CONTAINER. Again, you give each container a unique name.

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