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Please ,,PLEASE READ AHED YOU CAN LEARN AND HELP YPUR SELFGLOBAL MAR ELink brslate you can find several duplicate at low price, thought before baying..my one is unused , poly is still on,,watch in TV commercial 6,10,13,17, element (All model.) ELINKS BIO ENERGETIC HEALTH BRACELET WORKS FOR>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>for many disease like diabetic,hypertension,heart disses,All kind of pain (BEST FOR PAIN) like MIGRAINE,backaches, joint pains,chronic pain, insomnia, muscle aches, headaches, repetitive strain, carpal syndrome, swelling, low energy, sport injuries and many more-knee,or any parts of body ..IT Gareth remove toxin from body,,you allays feel fresh and energetic,boost immunity,stop skin disses,asthma control,ingress blood circulation, it totally enagige your body. 01678701587,,01711038884,,01819925594hasnine_09@yahoo.comWHAT IS ELINKS BIO ENERGY HEALTH BRACELET????????????It designed with features that incorporate the advantages and distinctive effects of 3 types of energy/elements: - (1) Magnetic-Ion (2) Negative-Ion (3) Far-Infrared Ray. The magnetic therapy revolves in the arteries around the wrist,which magnets improve the circulatory system of blood flow, and gives the body more nutrients it needs in the blood, improving health naturally. Neodymium biomagnets, (from which ELINKS BIO ENERGY HEALTH BRACELET made of) derived from the earth; hold their charge indefinitely, with no significant loss of power after 10 years. Stainless steel 316 metals are used to make Elkins Bio Energy Health Bracelet bracelets.The effectiveness remains the same as the neodymium magnets in each bracelet are around 2,500 gauss. [Gauss is a unit of measurement of magnetic field] The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that static magnetic fielD pose helps h(www.members.alo.com/jbainsi/reference.html) They are jewelry with health benefits.WHY WEARING ELINKS BIO ENERGY HEALTH BRACELET????????????????????When wearing Bio Energy Health Bracelet bracelet, with the 3 beneficial energies line up over the main arteries are as 1,2,3:-AND there function...(1)Magnetic-Ion-- will improve blood circulation, relieve backaches, joint pains (arthritis), chronic pain, insomnia, muscle aches, headaches, repetitive strain, carpal syndrome, swelling, low energy, sport injuries and many more.(2) Negative-Ion-- energy will penetrate via skin and neutralize positive-ions that cause health disorders. This will alleviate pains and aches, regulating biological electricity flow and thus promotes body vitality.(3) Far-Infrared ray -- Far-infrared rays are part of the sunlight spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye. It also known as Biogeneticrays (between 6 to 14 microns). It activates watermolecules in the body,(Body contain 70% water), by improve oxygen level in our body. Warming and eliminating fats, chemicals, toxins, harmful heavy metals from our blood and thus smoothening the flow of blood.Elimination of waste from the body, reducing the acidic level in our body & improving the nervous system.FIR cause resonance with water molecules.It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation and health condition. . What are ION:-<?<?<??

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