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    Fair stall ( 950/-, 1200/-, 1500/-, 2000/-, 2500/-, 3000/-, 3500/- rate  per Square feet )

    (minimum Quantity- 64 to 1,00,000 Square feet )

    * Only for Commercial & Corporate

    * Minimum Order start from 1,00,000/-

    8’x8’= 64 sft. x 2000/- =  (Minimum budget to 1,30,000/-)

    8’x16′ = 128 sft. x 1250/- = 1,60,600/- ( Minimum budget to 2 lac)

    20’x42′ = 840 sft. x 850/- = 7,14,000/- ( Minimum budget to 8 lac)

    20’x80′ = 1600 sft. x 950/- = 15,20,000/- ( Minimum budget to 16 lac)

    We take our artwork seriously and have branched into Interior Designing services also.

     Our aim is to make the world around us as effective and captivating as possible.

    Our designers will turn small spaces into beautifully designed and utility based enclosures.

    Exhibition Stall Design

    We can make a small exhibition stall space into a power packed display area.

    People walking by will be attracted to your stall thanks to the ingenuity of

    our designers.  We can decorate the stall with posters specially designed for

    the occasion.  We can even make it theme based.

    Stall size: 16’x16′ = 256 sft. x 1200/- per sft. rate = 3,07,200/- or  $3840 USD ( Regular Price)


    Google Map Address: House# 125 Road# 10, Block# C, Niketon, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh



    +88 01611 4000 40 Customer Care BD

    +88 0188 11 43 453 Corporate Sales BD

    Website: https://www.krooy.com/

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    Dear sir, Assalamu-alykum, Hope u are well, that's me Zahid Hasan, Architect & Media Consultant form Dhaka, Bangladesh. we doing many Exhibition stall Fabrication work successfully for india, Pakisthan, China, USA, Bangladesh n More. Successfully Working with (1063+/-) Exhibition stall fabrication company or agency all over the world, They have 12pcs +/- order every months minimum, we work with them permanent as a agency or vendor. Approximate Rate; 7x5 meter = 35 square meter x 100.57$ = 3520$ (+/-) This  rate will be changed if u share ur budget for good work, we support them as a agent for them

    our positiveness is no extra talk with your buyer, we just complete & send u a video & image at fair starting night


    you can see our work profile at Youtube channel also:


    Quality Feed AGM 20 years: https://youtu.be/tq4X3ANdiuc

    Mukka Sea Food 8x3 meter:  https://youtu.be/IlmCZS6etDo

    Stall 2023: https://youtu.be/tdM9IwY983Q

    Sudeep Pharma 6x3 meter: https://youtu.be/310Zud2fSds

    Lee Pharma 6x13 meter: https://youtu.be/EMs4WZqj3ww

    Stall 2023: https://youtu.be/PECeQdGtXtQ

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    How do you decorate an exhibition stall?

    Stall decoration in a small or big exhibition is very important and crucial.

    How to decorate your stall for an exhibition in four simple steps..

    Raise the floor of your stall.

    Cover your walls with display or branding flex.

    Ensure proper lighting.

    Have your catalogues, stationary and other items properly stored.


    How do you make an exhibition booth?

    10 Exhibition stand design tips

    Set Goals. Before you start designing anything, set goals. ...

    Maximize Space. Often booth size can be restrictive so it's important to fully utilize the space you've been allocated. ...

    Go Tall or Go Home.

    Don't be Text-Heavy.

    Lighting is Key.

    Include Graphics.

    Consider different materials.

    Include Tech.

    What is an exhibition booth?

    ( US exhibition booth) a section of an exhibition where a particular company shows their products or information about their products: The sales team will be manning an exhibition stand in the main hall throughout the conference.

    How do you stand out at an exhibition?

    1. 13 Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show.

    2. Start long before you get there.

    3. Give away something unusual.

    4. Create buzz among attendees with humor.

    5. See what you're up against.

    6. Boast your "As Seen On" features.

    7. Invest in a great display.

    8. Hand out bigger reusable bags than the competition.

    What should be on an exhibition stand?

    10 Exhibition stand design tips

    ·   Set Goals. Before you start designing anything, set goals.

    ·   Maximize Space. Often booth size can be restrictive so it's important to fully utilize the space you've been allocated.

    ·   Go Tall or Go Home.

    ·   Don't be Text-Heavy.

    ·   Lighting is Key.

    ·   Include Graphics.

    ·   Consider different materials.

    ·   Include Tech.

    The key to selling exhibit booths is to learn about each exhibitor to let them know your show aligns with their marketing needs.

    1. Research Exhibitors.

    2. Describe Your Attendees.

    3. Bundle Other Opportunities.

    4. Provide the Facts.

    5. Start Early.

    How do I make my exhibition successful?

    12 Top Tips for Exhibition Success

    1. Choose the Right Exhibition.

    2. Set Measurable Goals.

    3. Design Your Stand to Showcase Your Objectives.

    4. Attract People to Your Stand to Start the Conversation.

    5. Advertise and Promote as Much as Possible.

    6. Always Ask Open Questions.

    7. Manipulate the Senses!

    8. Know What to Do.

    What makes a good exhibition space?

    Physical obstructions (pillars, partial walls, alcoves etc.)

    The keys to creating a successful exhibition stand are visibility, accessibility and visual impact. When selecting an exhibition space it's important to avoid proximity to any physical barriers that may obscure your stand or detract from its effectiveness.

    How do you attract a booth?


    Movements attract people's eyes and in turn their bodies! Provide movement to attract attendees' eyes and in turn their bodies toward your booth. If your product doesn't move, toss a giveaway into the air (and catch it), move your arms, play with a yo-yo, or blow bubbles.

    What is booth design?

    Benefits of an Effective Booth Design. An effective trade show booth design is one that represents a design that is able to deliver integrated communication during the trade event. It should be able to stand out through the wave of clutter and other trade show booths at the event.

    What is stand design?

    Exhibition Stand Design and Bespoke Stand Designs that make you Stand apart in Exhibitions. Engaging and attractive exhibition stand design is useful in grabbing the maximum attention of the visitors. ... Your stand design reflects the key message of your brand and effectively communicates the motto of your company.


    How do you attract a crowd to your stand?

    How to attract people to your exhibition stand

    1. Choose the right exhibition for your business. Taking part in a trade event or exhibition can be a huge step forward for your business. ...

    2. Promote your presence at the event. Marketing in advance.

    3. Set up a stand that demands attention.

    4. Connect with visitors.

    5. Follow up with your exhibition stand visitors.

    How do you get noticed at a trade show?

    4 Ways to Get Noticed at a Crowded Trade Show

    1. Start before the trade show. The time to advertise to clients and prospective customers that you'll be at a trade show is a couple of weeks-to-a month in advance of the event.

    2. Offer an activity.

    3. Provide social proof.

    4. Review your strengths

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