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    DESCRIPTION ( Xbox360 Live Membership Cards n POINTS!PlayOnline! )

    Ever wanted to play xbox online with players all over the globe? It used to be easy when xbox offered a one month trial for all new player
    profiles you made with a new email ID. However, after the new update in January it completely messed it up for all of us.
    Now you must buy membership redeem codes in order to play online and as you know, staying in Bangladesh, thats hard to get your hands on.
    I will be selling the xbox live redeem codes so you can play all games online, and yes, that includes Black Ops, Crysis, MW2, Halo Reach, Brotherhood,fable
    and all the other well known online games. All you have to do is enter the code I give you into your profile that you want to renew
    for a year, and there we go - that profile will have a 1-12 months(depending on which subscription you bought) online time span.
    You'll also be able to browse facebook, twitter and download much more.
    Trust me, online gameplay is a whole new experience, and alot better than playing single player.

    UPDATE: Since i've been also receiving calls for Microsoft Xbox points, I decided to sell microsoft point codes too.
    With these points you can buy many extra maps for call of duty games/halo reach/Mass effect etc. Very useful if you really want to
    utilize online game play.

    Since it'll take some time for me to get these in time, please call up and book what you want to buy. This isn't an overnight
    process so you'll get your code prior to the time you call. I'll officially start bringing the codes from the first week of May
    so hurry up if you want to catch the first lot of the codes before their out. If their out, you may have to wait
    more several weeks until their out again. Also due to the increase in the dollar rate prices have gone up a bit.

    Join now. Call 01677838006/01759244003 for details.

    1 Year subscription - 4750 TK
    1 Month subscription - 1700 TK
    3 Month subscription - 2450 TK

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