Xiaomi BRE01JY Mi Dual Driver 3.5mm Earphone Brand New

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DESCRIPTION ( Xiaomi BRE01JY Mi Dual Driver 3.5mm Earphone )

Xiaomi BRE01JY Mi Dual Driver 3.5mm Earphone

The Xiaomi BRE01JY Mi Dual Driver Earphones have an intriguing semi-in-ear design with a hybrid style in between an in-ear headphone and an earbud - think of the Apple Airpods for an example. But there's one more thing that sets them apart: inside the housings, they have a dual driver arrangement with a Woofer-Twitter driver, with the latter built of ceramics. Ceramics are a rather unusual material utilized in the manufacture of drivers. A Woofer and Twitter is a type of speaker or automobile audio driver that separates the drivers into specialized ones to efficiently reproduce different ranges of the audio spectrum. The Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphones BRE01JY housings are composed of plastic. On the back section of the housings, a metal backplate was discovered. If you are used to in-ear headphones or have never used earbuds, you should be aware that they are not designed to provide the same level of isolation, seal, and, as a result, depth of bass as in-ear headphones. We'll see how they do later, but don't be surprised if they're lacking in sub-bass. The Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphones BREOUY have rounded and rubberized wires. The mini-stereo plug has an L-shaped design and is particularly compact; because the plug does not protrude much, it is ideal for use with smartphones. The cable contains a 3-button mic/remote with specific volume controls; this piece is composed of plastics and, oddly, does not meet the criteria of other cables. The Xiaomi BRE01JY Mi Dual Driver 3.5mm Earphone has no Warranty.


Main Feature
Frequency 20-20000Hz
Sound level/Sensitivity105dB
Physical Specification
Cable length1.25m
Connector3.5mm Connector
Drivers1.00 cm x 1.00 cm x 1.00 cm
Dimensions1.00 cm x 1.00 cm x 1.00 cm
0.10 Kg
WarrantyNo Warranty

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