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DESCRIPTION ( Tianshi Chitosan Capsules )

Chitin is a cellulose-like bio polymer found mainly in the exoskeleton of marine animals such as shrimp, crabs, or lobsters. Chitin can also be found in mushrooms and yeasts. Chitosan is a chemically processed form of chitin. “Squid pens,” waste shell by-products of squid processing, are a renewable and inexpensive source of chitosan.

Kills harmful bacteria or parasites in the body; accumulation and the 'good' bacteria in the organ 'bad' bacteria that help to improve the ability to deal with;
Relieves constipation;
It maintains the balance of fat and cholesterol levels in the body
It helps to reduce the harmful effects of radiation on cells and tissues;
It prevents low blood sugar levels and diabetes mellifluous, and is useful for treatment;
It helps to release the body of toxins and pollutants out.
It metastasis (cancer cells to other cells do not allow transfers) prevents;
It wounds, burns and stains promotes faster healing;
It's disease and arthritis, pain and helps treat lumbago.
Ideal body weight reduces the surplus fat.
Strengthen the body's immune system.
Improving the efficiency of the liver and digestive system increases efficiency.
The prevention of diseases brought about by high blood pressure. Blood glucose levels help reduce. Contribute to maintaining normal blood pressure.
Lipids digestion and prevents partisan.
Helps reduce harmful cholesterol.

Two capsules twice a day before meals warm water and.

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