trackpad not working on Mac repair

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    DESCRIPTION ( trackpad not working on Mac repair )

    The trackpad is a vital component for any desktop. It allows you to interact with the graphical user interface in ways keyboard shortcuts simply don’t allow.

    With a trackpad not working Mac and PC devices may feel downright useless. As we’ve become accustomed to interacting with our computers using a trackpad or mouse, a Mac trackpad not clicking or responding to gestures is troubling.

    We’ll discuss how MacBook trackpad problems can be solved, what to do when your trackpad fails, how to fix trackpad on MacBook, and the apps that keep any Mac running smooth so you can avoid issues with your trackpad in the future.Is your MacBook trackpad not working properly or unresponsive? This may happen due to a few different reasons (including software glitches, fault settings, and more). 

    Don’t worry, as long as it’s not a hardware issue, there are several easy ways to fix the problem and get your MacBook’s trackpad back on track. Let’s take a look.

    1. Update macOS
    2. Adjust Double-click speed
    3. Ensure built-in trackpad is enabled if using an external trackpad
    4. Change your MacBook’s Tracking speed
    5. Turn off Force Click and Haptic Feedback on Mac
    6. Reset NVRAM or PRAM on Mac
    7. Reset your MacBook’s SMC
    8. Delete .plist files in macOS
    9. Other possible fixes

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