graphics issues is MacBook Pro

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    DESCRIPTION ( graphics issues is MacBook Pro )

    User complaints have continued to surface over the past five days, with new videos emerging showing the usual symptoms, ranging from brightly colored flickering and full-screen checkerboard patterns to screen tearing and visual artifacts. Affected systems sometimes become unresponsive or crash due to a kernel panic, requiring some new MacBook Pro users to perform a hard restart.

    Separately, a number of users continue to report brief glitches during the boot up process on new MacBook Pro models, particularly along the bottom of the screen. It appears this issue is related to FileVault 2 startup disk encryption, as the glitches go away for many of these users once the feature is disabled.

    Screen flickers and has vertical lines on right side of display. Problem started out small and intermittent for  and suddenly got worse today. Display issue does not show up on external monitor. I have already tried software fixes like resetting PRAM so problem is most likely hardware. Out of warranty and don’t want to get overcharged at local apple certified repair shop, hoping to get a clue to what the problem is before taking it in. Any help appreciated

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