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DESCRIPTION ( Hot melt glue gun )

Hot Melt Glue Gun GG-5 100W:
Hot melt not only widely used in the electronics industry, for general home repair and maintenance also plays a considerable role , is an essential tool , especially for small homemade crafts .
High Power 100W Hot melt glue gun , glue the metal mouth, compact and lightweight, for bonding various materials, goods , fixed, simple waterproof and shockproof, easy to use.
Operating Voltage AC100-240V, Can be directly inserted 220V Mains without using a transformer, more convenient to carry.
Glue speed, fatigue resistance, high insulation resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance , can be used for arts and crafts, fabrics, jewelry, artificial flowers, models, hairy toys, stuffed toys, PC Boards, electronic components , leather products , ceramics , ceramic tile, vinyl plastics, PVC, Acrylic, ABS, Metal, aluminum , food packaging, woodworking wood, furniture , paper, cardboard , paper , stone .
Name: Camel king hot melt glue gun
Voltage : AC/Direct-current110-240VAdaptive
Glue stick specifications : diameter About 1.1 cm
Glue gun Size:19 16cm
Prior to use support from the bracket ( bracket angle adjustable )
Power on, the back of the glue gun glue stick is inserted
Press your finger several times until the glue stick glue gun nozzle fixed to the inside
Until the glue gun fever about 3 Minutes using
Press and hold the trigger until the glue from the nozzle flow
Try not to move the process of using high- glue gun, muzzle can not back up so as not to strip
If continuous glue gun15Minutes without glue , turn off the power to avoid plastic strips back down and damage caused to melt glue gun
Cut off the power supply after use , do not need to clean the nozzles, no need to remove the tape

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