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DESCRIPTION ( Ashoka Periods Pain Medicine in Pakistan )

Ashoka Periods Pain Medicine in Pakistan
Control Your Menstrual Cycle Naturally
• Ashoka is well-trusted combination of natural ingredients that are best for the treatment of Hormonal Imbalance in women that helps every woman having severe pain and also helps to reduce Inflammation.
• Helps relieve woman from Menstrual Discomfort thus regularize monthly Menstrual Cycle,
• Works towards the establishment of Regular Periods.
• Ashoka Is well trusted periods pain medicine in Pakistan
• Helps to control symptoms of Irregular Periods.
• It’s helpful in treatment of irregular menstrual cycle

Detailed Description
Abrom is highly useful ingredient for the treatment of disturbed menstrual periods that causes abdominal pains and pain in the pelvic area and dysmenorrhea.
Aletris Far helps to relieve menstrual disorders like frequent bleeding, less bleeding, abnormally frequent menstruation, Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Scanty periods, Oligomenorrhea and prevent miscarriage.
Caullophyllum is essentially a wonderful ingredient for women that boosts strength and makes the womb strong.
Helonias is an excellent herb that treats back pain, exhaustion, drawing pains and pressure in kidney area.
Ashoka helps to manage various gynecological and menstrual problems in women such as heavy, irregular and painful periods.
China is a very important ingredient used to correct disorders of the menses such as premature menses and provides relief from pain in the pelvis during menses. Helpful for congestion in the womb, with fullness and painful bearing-down, especially when walking.
Ashoka is the combination of these amazing ingredients and is proven to show stunning results.

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