Marine Azimuth Circle GFC Magnetic Compass 190 Brand New

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  • Type: Marine Azimuth Circle GFC Magnetic
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DESCRIPTION ( Marine Azimuth Circle GFC Magnetic Compass 190 )

1, model GFC – 165, the GFC – 190

2, use Coordinate with a magnetic compass with dial diameters of 165 mm and 190 mm, respectively, to determine the bearing and Angle of the target for navigation purposes.

3, structure,

The azimuth ring is made of diamagnetic brass and is in the shape shown.The above components are: sighting device (including sighting hole, sighting object rack, reflector, reading prism, horizontal bubble, etc.) and solar observer (including concave reflector, prism, horizontal bubble, etc.).

4. Main performance
(1) deviation: ≤12 jiao fen
(2) the sensitivity level bubble: tilt Angle of 20 points bubble moving 2 ㎜ ≮
5. Dimensions and weight
(1) the GFC – 165 type: inner diameter ф 226 ㎜, 1.6 ㎏

(2) the GFC – 190 type: ф 247 ㎜, inner diameter 1.7 ㎏

For mounted on the repeater compass.By means of aprism and reflection mirror,

sunlight is projected in the form of a line on to the compass card through a slit,thus

making it possible to observe the sun.

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