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DESCRIPTION ( Water Pump Controller (Industrial) )

Smart Pump Controller will automatically START the-water-pump as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level and it will SWITCH OFF the-water-pump as soon as the tank is full. Smart Pump controller ensures no overflows or dry running of pump there by saves electricity and water. Also This device will show water level of overhead and reservoir tank on its LCD display.

1. Operating Voltage : 220v AC

2. Dual realy for Existing panel

3. Size :14cm X 12cm X 4cm.

4. Body : 3D printed (PLA+)

5. Display : 1602 LCD display.

6. Water sensor Voltage : DC 5v.

7. Dual Tank monitoring (overhead + reservoir).

8. Five Step water level display On LCD.

7. Ensure no overflows or dry running.

8. ON/OFF switch for manual control.

9. exist Signal noise Filtering system.

10. Run time limit facilities.(Hr:MM=99:59)

11. Run time Counting.(Max:25599:59)

12. total Start/Stop Count.(max:99999)

13. Last Run time (99:59:59 hr:mm:ss).

14. one year Replacement guarantee.


Operating Voltage : 220v AC
Size :14cm X 12cm X 4cm.
Body : 3D printed (PLA+)
Display : 1602 LCD display.
Water sensor Voltage : DC 5v.
Five Step water level display On LCD.
Dual Tank monitoring (overhead + reservoir).
Dual output for coupling Existing panel

Advantages :

Ensure no overflows or dry running.
ON/OFF switch for manual control.
Exist Signal noise Filtering system.
Run time limit facilities.(Hr:MM=99:59)
Run time Counting.(Max:25599:59)
total Start/Stop Count.(max:99999)
Last Run time (99:59:59 hr:mm:ss).

Package include :

Main pump controller - 1 Pcs
Two water sensor set - 2 pcs
Cable 0.3 rm 2 core - 50m
Installation and Test - 1 service

After Sale service :

Device Replacement Guarantee : 2 years
Free Troubleshooting : 2 Service / 2 years
Device Replacement at 50% discount : 5 years
Device warranty (Parts only) : 5 years
Physical Technical Support, Servicing : 2000tk/Service

Terms And Conditions :

Payment should be 50% advance and remaining 50% should be paid after completion of the works.
Device warranty And Guarantee is applicable from the installation date.
For Warranty, Necessary parts are free, but Repairing Service Charge will be applied.
BDT 2000 will be charged for each Troubleshooting/servicing after consuming free Service.
Supplier and installer are not liable for the system failure, electrical hazard or Accident due to misuse or wrong operation.




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