MacBook Battery Not Charging Issue

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    DESCRIPTION ( MacBook Battery Not Charging Issue )

    This guide is written by technicians and engineers who fix MacBook battery not charging issues hundreds of times every year. It covers all the topics from simple fix solutions at beginner-level, all the way to complex repair solutions at expert-level. It provides practical and comprehensive solutions to solve the MacBook not charging problem, no matter if corrupted firmware settings or hardware faults cause it.

    1. What is MacBook battery not charging issue?

    2. Why is my MacBook battery not charging?

    3. How does a MacBook charge its battery?

    4. Fix MacBook not charging problem step-by-step

    4.1 Check charger output voltage

    4.2 Check charging port and Magsafe connector

    4.3 Reset SMC chip

    4.4 Reset non-volatile random-access memory (NVRAM)

    4.5 Check battery connector

    4.6 Replace the faulty battery

    4.7 Check battery indicator circuit

    4.8 Check faulty DC-in Board

    4.9 Replace faulty I/O board cable

    4.10 Repair the faulty reverse-protection circuit

    5. Understand the principle of MacBook battery charging circuit

    6. Advanced MacBook repair (battery not charging) - case study

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