Bushnell 4x30 Spectator Sport Binoculars Brand New

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  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Technology: Binoculars
  • Model: 4x30
  • Type: 4x30 Spectator Sport Binoculars
Category: Electronics > Gadgets & Devices > > > Bushnell 4x30 Spectator Sport Binoculars

DESCRIPTION ( Bushnell 4x30 Spectator Sport Binoculars )

Measuring just over 4" long, the Bushnell 4x30 Spectator Sport Binoculars are designed for easy packing and handling, so you can enjoy watching your favorite team wherever they play. It features a compact form factor with an ultrawide field of view and the PermaFocus focus-free system, to bring all the action up close while keeping the players tack-sharp and without the need to fumble with a focusing wheel as they move. A set of red, white, blue, and black accent tiles is included, so you can customize the look of your binoculars to your personal preference or to match your team's colors.

Optical Performance

  • Low 4x power slightly magnifies image while maintaining an ultrawide field of view and exit pupil
  • Compact 30mm objective lenses ensure an extremely compact form factor for easier handling, packing, and carrying
  • Simple mirror prism system takes up very little space while still correcting the view for use
  • Anti-reflection coated optics improve light transmission, color rendition, and contrast
  • Ultra-wide 68.5° apparent angle of view ensures the entire playing field stays in view so you don't have to move your head around to catch the action
  • Spacious 900-foot field of view at 1000 yards

Use and Handling

  • Focus-free PermaFocus system
  • Fold-down rubber eyecups for comfortable use with or without eyewear
  • 10mm eye relief
  • Wide 6mm exit pupils will cover pupils to keep the entire scene in view without having to move your eyes

PermaFocus system:

  • Optimized for distances of 150 feet (46m) or greater
  • Relies on the user's eyes to achieve focus instead of a mechanism to keep the view constantly sharp
  • Eliminates the need to fumble with diopter rings or focusing knobs
  • Makes sharing the binoculars easier than with manually focused optics

Construction Details

  • Interchangeable red, white, blue, and black accent tiles allow you to customize the look of the binoculars to your preference or to match your team's colors
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant plastic chassis
  • Slip-resistant armored exterior with textured palm pads adds grip security
  • IPX4-rated, water resistant against splashing water and light rain
  • Compact design is just over 4" long
  • Key Features

  • Compact Mirror Prism System
  • Anti-Reflection Coated Optics
  • Wide 68.5° Apparent Angle of View
  • Impact-Resistant Plastic Chassis
  • Focus-Free PermaFocus System
  • Interchangeable Accent Tiles
  • IPX4-Rated, Water Resistant
  • Fold-Down Rubber Eyecups

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