Rigol RSA5065N Real-time spectrum analyzer from 9 kHz to 6.5 Brand New

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DESCRIPTION ( Rigol RSA5065N Real-time spectrum analyzer from 9 kHz to 6.5 )

Rigol RSA5065N Real-time spectrum analyzer from 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz bandwidth, up to 40 MHz real-time bandwidth, 1 Hz - 10 MHz RBW and a 25.6 cm (10.1") touchdisplay with 1024x600 pixel. Including Tracking Generator 100 kHz - 6.5 GHz and Vector Network Analyzer.

The Rigol RSA5000 series is a compact and light weight spectrum analyzer series with premium performance standard spectrum analysis capabilities combined with a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer which makes it possible to never miss any signal that is longer than 7.45 µs in duration. Engineers integrating WiFi, Bluetooth and other modern RF technologies are confronted with complex challenges like frequency hopping signals, channel conflict, and spectrum interference. Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers bring the dimension of time to RF Analysis making it easier to monitor and characterize these complex RF systems. The RSA5000 combines industry leading Realtime performance (7.45µs 100% POI), rich data displays, and advanced triggering options allowing the user to quickly capture, identify and analyze these complex events. With the RSA5000N, Rigol is expanding a vector network analysis function (VNA).

In VNA mode, you can make S11, S21, and DTF measurements for the components and circuit networks. The network characteristics of the components under test can be accurately demonstrated in Smith chart, Polar chart, and other formats.

Rigol's new RSA5000 series spectrum analyzers redefines the product category of general purpose spectrum analyzer by adding Real-Time spectrum trigger and analysis capabilities and sets a new level performance and price. The RSA5000 family features a 10.1” touchscreen display, compact design and easy-to-use interface and operations, making it ideal for benchtop or field apps in RF and wireless testing and production such as IoT, RFID, analog and digital modulated signals. Embedded-System-Designer can cross trigger and analyze bus signals like IC2, SPI with RF Signals.

The Real-Time-Bandwidth of 25 MHz (40 MHz optional) and the Frequency-Mask-Trigger let you visualize, isolate and capture signals to analyze their behavior over amplitude, frequency and time. The new spectrum analyzer offers the ability to trigger and capture signals by 100% if longer than 7.45 µs in duration. The RSA5000 have RBW settable down to 1 Hz, a DANL (displayed average noise level) down to -165 dBm (typical) and a 1ms Full Span Sweep in its general-purpose spectrum analyzer mode.

EMI filter and detector such as 9KHz, 120kHz and Quasi-Peak as example are standard.

Extendibility: 40MHz Real-Time-Bandwidth, Pre-Amplifier, High Stability Clock, Advanced Measurement Kit, EMI Pre-compliance Test Software can be added optional.

Overview    RSA5000-(N)

Frequency Range    9 kHz - 3.2 / 6.5 GHz

Frequency Resolution    1 HZ

Span    0 Hz (zero Span) 100 Hz - 3.2 / 6.5 GHz

DANL    -136 dBm (-165 dBm with optional preamplifier)

Display    25,7 cm (10.1") TFT-Color-LCD Touchdisplay (1024 × 600 Pixel)

Interfaces    USB-Host, USB, LAN, GPIB

Dimensions    410 mm × 224 mm × 135 mm

Weight    4.65 kg

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