80 – AR-15 80% polymer lower receiver & jig kit

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    DESCRIPTION ( 80 – AR-15 80% polymer lower receiver & jig kit )

    The AR15 80 Lower may be a crucial part of any AR15 build. An AR15 80 lower receivers provide the builder a chance to finish own custom AR-15 rifle or pistol with no paperwork or FFL (Federal Firearm License) transfer. An 80% lower their receiver isn't considered a firearm by definition of the law since it's not 100% completed.
    The 80% lower may be a foundational piece of any custom AR15 build. The AR-15 80% lower itself is that the key to putting together not only a custom rifle or pistol but also the route to putting together an AR-type platform WITHOUT an FFL [Federal Firearm License] transferred or paper work, under federals law. consistent with the ATF and federal law, the 80% lower isn't considered a firearm since it's only partially fabricated. The 80% lower requires the builder to end the last 20% of millwork leading to a 100% completed stripped lower receiver. this is often accomplished with the assistance of an AR15 Jig – providing the builder with templates, depth guides, sidewalls, and drill bits as a fool-proof completion
    The AR-15 lower is that only a part of the rifle or pistol considered a firearm. Even though it doesn't host a barrel and doesn't necessarily accompany a trigger, hammer, safety, or other components (they're installed separately) it's still the component that is considered a gun by the ATF. For this country, all other parts of the AR-15 cannot be purchased bit by bit, without the need for an FFL, paperwork, or special transfer. One cannot fabricate an AR-15 lower uses an 80% unit, purchases an upper received or AR-15 part kits, and assemble their new rifles or pistol at home.
    Some kingdom has banned 80% lowers and certain firearms part, or have otherwise restrict the sale and ownership of product we sell. So, be sure to checking your local and state law. We can’t ship our product to a certain state. Please check our Shipping & Return Policy before placed an order.
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