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    DESCRIPTION ( unlock all plc )

    Omron PLC: CPM1A, CPM2*, CQM1, CQM1H.
    Mitsubishi PLC : FX0, FX1, FX2 series, Q02.
    Mitsubishi HMI : GOT GT1020, GT1050, GT1055, GOT F920,F930 F940,
    Delta PLC: ES,EX,SS,EC.
    LG PLC: Master K80S, 120S.
    Siemens : S7-200 firmware 02.00 or below.
    Siemens : Logo 0BA6.
    AB PLC: ML1000.
    Fatek PLC: FBe, FBs V4.53 or lower.
    FUJI -HAKKO HMI: UG series, V6,V7,V8.
    Pro-face HMI : (Without Disable Upload setting)
    GP2000 Series : GP2600-TC11; GP2600-TC41-24V; GP2601-TC11; GP2601-TC41-24V; GP2500-TC11; GP2500-TC41-24V; GP2500-SC41-24V; GP2500-LG41-24V; GP2501-TC11; GP2501-TC41-24V; GP2501-SC11; GP2501-SC41-24V; GP2501-LG41-24V; GP2400-TC41-24V; GP2401-TC41-24V; GP2300-TC41-24V; GP2300-SC41-24V; GP2300-LG41-24V; GP2301-TC41-24V; GP2301-SC41-24V; GP2301-LG41-24V; GP2401H-TC41-24V; GP2301H-LG41-24V; GP2301H-SC41-24V;
    GP577 Series: GP577R-TC11; GP577R-TC41-24V; GP577R-SC11; GP577R-SC41-24V; GP477R-EG11; GP477R-EG41-24VP; GP37W2-BG41-24V;
    GP77R Series: ST400-AG41-24V; ST401-AG41-24V; ST402-AG41-24V; ST403-AG41-24V
    Vigor PLC: VB series
    Scan port:

    Delta : SS2,SV,ES2, EH, EH3 (With RS232&RS485 connection together and without limited or disable upload setting) Password Upload & Password ID
    Panasonic: Nais FP0,FP1,FP2
    Panasonic: Nais FPG
    Omron : ZEN
    Clear Password (Crack):

    Omron : C200H, CP1H, CP1L,CP1E, CJ2M (with SYSMAC WAY connection and without Funtion Block)
    Omron :CG1G,CJ1M (with Toolbus & SYSMAC WAY connection and without Funtion Block)
    FUJI : NB series
    Open Project Password :

    Delta : DVP Project Password
    Siemens: S7-200 Project Password
    Fatek : FBe, FBs Project Password
    Pro-face : GP Project Password (File type: prx &prn)
    FUJI-Hakko: U2,U3,V4,V5,V6,V7 Project Password
    FUJI-Hakko: CF Card Password
    Weintek: Crack Xob file
    Hiteck : V6 Project Password

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