How to make lipstick extremely safe at home

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    DESCRIPTION ( How to make lipstick extremely safe at home )

    Lipstick and beauty cosmetics are indispensable accessories for not only women but also a few including men. The selection of beauty products that are suitable and safe for health is not known by everyone. And there is a fact today that many women tend to create safe beauty products at home, including beauty cosmetics and lipstick, ... Today Nanifood would like to share with you. How to make simple handmade lipstick at home. So you no longer have to worry about chemical lipsticks or harmful lead.

    How to make lipstick extremely safe at home

    How to make lipstick at home is not difficult and provocative as women often think. We just need to spend a little time to have absolutely safe handmade lipstick. Your lips will be really cared for from natural lip color, not only beautiful but also safe.

    Ingredients need to prepare: flavorings, waxes, color products (can use vegetables, tubers, fruits, ... with specific colors), almond oil, rice bran oil, ...

    Tools: Mixer, microwave oven, scale, jar, spoon, glass cup

    Steps to be followed:

    +1: Mixing color: Put the color mixing cup on the balance table, pour the ingredients including; Almond oil, rice bran oil, natural coloring product, then stir well with a mixer.

    +2: Mix oil, pour all kinds of wax, rice bran oil into the cup. Microwave to melt.

    +3: Mix the oil cup and oil blend cup then boil for 2 minutes

    +4: Add aroma you like

    +5: Casting.

    Points to note:

    Why when making self-made lipstick, although it has mixed colors and aromas, the finished product is damaged. The reason may be in the process of making you overheat causing the aroma to lose. Or the sudden drop in temperature will make the lipstick tiny. Therefore, to avoid damaging the batch of ingredients, you need to probe by heating the ingredients at a low temperature and monitoring the phenomenon. When pouring ingredients into the mold, you just need to keep them at room temperature, not in the refrigerator. Many people are impatient, so they often put them in the refrigerator and the finished product is not as expected.

    With homemade lipsticks when you are mature, you should do just enough. You time each work. Here are some of the natural-made lipsticks: Lipsticks made from beeswax (limited to 24 / month), olive oil (limited to 12 / month) and colorants (limited 18 / month). If you know how to choose the ingredients, your lipstick will have a long shelf life.

    Just now, is a safe natural lipstick at home that Nanifood wants to share with women. Hopefully with this sharing you will have more safe beauty recipes. Please follow the page regularly to get more experiences in your life.

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