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  • Brand: MAGNAFLUX
  • Technology: USA
  • Model: 2480
  • Type: not calibrated
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DESCRIPTION ( Magnaflux Field Indicators in BD )

US MAGNAFLUX magnetic flux 2480 Gauss magnetometer magnetic field indicator cannot be calibrated
This kind of magnetic field indicator can help you detect and measure the strength and direction of the magnetic field during magnetic particle inspection. Rugged and compact 10 Gauss and 20 Gauss magnetometers and octagonal test blocks can provide you with a variety of options for measuring the residual magnetism, magnetic field direction and AC/DC magnetic field strength of workpieces in magnetic particle inspection applications.

10 Gauss magnetometer, not calibrated
Part Number: 2480
The American magnetic flux pocket remanence indicator can be used to measure the residual magnetic field of the workpiece after demagnetization. The range is 10-0-10 Gauss, and the accuracy is +/- 1 Gauss.
Meet the specification
ASTM E1444

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