AFO ( Auto Fire Off ) Fire Extinguisher Ball Brand New

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DESCRIPTION ( AFO ( Auto Fire Off ) Fire Extinguisher Ball )

• HANDHELD EASY TO USE – This fireball extinguisher weighs less than 3 pounds and requires no training.
• SAFE FOR USE on Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills, Class C (energized electrical fires)
• SELF ACTIVATING – Simply throw or roll into a fire and it will self-activate within 3 – 5 seconds
• FIRE BALL SET – Each fireball comes with a vibrant red and white vinyl adhesive sign that is sure to catch the attention – in case of an Emergency in your area
• ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Non-toxic Safe Around People and Pets

This Fire Extinguishing Ball is not harmful for human health and the environment. They are certified by standard laboratories in many countries under the international standard legislations.
When the Fire Extinguishing Ball activates, it does not destroy the properties because its explosion is not so strong enough and it has a cover made of foam which is not flammable

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