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  • Brand: Welland Power
  • Model: WP30
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DESCRIPTION ( Brand new 30KVA Perkins(UK) Canopy type Diesel Generator )

European Origin Skid Mounted 30 KVA Diesel Generating Set with Digital Control Panel & Silent Canopy.


Prime Power : 30 KVA

Standby Power : 33 KVA

• Assembly : UK

• Country of Origin : UK

• Shipment : UK

Engine : PERKINS

Type : 1103A-33G

Alternator : STAMFORD-UK

Type : SOL1-P1

Controller : Deep Sea-UK

• 3 Phase

• 4 Wire System

• 440/230 Volts (+/- 5% adjustable)

• Power factor: 0.8

• RPM: 1500

Fuel Consumption : 5.5 L/hr.


01. Silent canopy

Origin : Foreign Component, Local Fabricated.

02. Robber Mount- 01 set.

03. Battery- 01 set.

04. Installation, Testing and Commissioning.

05. Transport Free in Dhaka.


PAYMENT TERMS : 100% Cash/Cheque/pay with work .

DELLIVERY: From Stock.


Our package includes installation and commissioning of the Generator including load balancing for the premises where the generator is being installed.

But does not including any cost of civil & electrical works which may be required for the installation of the generator. of cost within Dhaka City excluding materials (cable, pipes, Ear thing, civil work etc) which is mandatory to generator installation.


Goods are warranted by the manufacturer for the period of 12 (Twelve) months from the date of operation & any manufacturing faults or defects in its components which may be lead disturbance of the generator set will be replaced of charge by the manufacturer without any cost of your account. But if any type of major accident happens to the generator during the warranty period because of the client’s ignorance then the full liability should goes up on the client


* General : 3 Cylinder, Inline, 6-stroke Engine directly Coupled to a brush less , 3 pole Stamford Alternator.

* Set mounted Radiator to cool the engine for an ambient temperature upto 50°C.

* Base Mounted Fuel Tank with fuel level indicator, drain plug, fuel feed and return line for the operation of approximately 8 hours.

* 12 V Dry charged lead acid battery, battery cables with connector, base mounted battery rack, belt driven battery charging dynamo.

* Cartridge type fuel filter, full flow oil filter, Air Cleaner with replaceable filter cartridge.

* Gear driven water and oil pump, oil cooler.

* Gear driven fuel pump, fuel lifting pump.

* Silencer box, Flexible below, Joint flange with bolt will be supplied loose.

* Set mounted control panel.

* Set mounted MCCB with connector.

* Generator Installation and maintenance manual, Engine maintenance manual, Alternator Installation and Maintenance Manual.

[ We are Importer & Wholesaler.

Ready Stock:

@ Cummins: 50 Kva to 275 Kva Open & Canopy,

@ Lovol: 30 Kva to 150 Kva all Canopy,

@ Ricardo: 20 Kva to 313 Kva Open & Canopy,

@ Shangchai: 375 Kva to 650 Kva,

@ Lw (Diesel Generator): 5 Kva to 14 Kva,

@ Petrol Generator: 2 kw to 8 kw ].

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