LAUNCH X431 CR3001 OBD2 Scanner Support Full OBD II/EOBD Brand New

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DESCRIPTION ( LAUNCH X431 CR3001 OBD2 Scanner Support Full OBD II/EOBD )

Launch CR3001 Description
The CReader 3001 is especially developed through LAUNCH, which support all 10 modes of OBD II test for a entire diagnosis. Featuring the colour LCD, it enables users to read/clear DTCs, document and save data. The CReader 3001 is also very handy to use, with built-in help menus and code definitions, diagnosing and repairing that dreaded Check Engine Light is now less difficult than ever! Moreover, CReader 3001 also aspects the following bi-directional "special tests": EVAP, O2 Sensor, I/M Readiness, MIL Status, VIN Info, and On-board video display units testing....
LAUNCH CR3001 Removes Engine Lights
CR3001 helps to get rid of engine lights, and the beneath parts might cause your check engine light on:
1. Gas Cap.
2. Oxygen Sensor.
3. Air Fuel Ratio Sensor.
4. Mass Air Flow Sensor.
5. Ignition Coils.
6. Spark Plug Wires.
7. Spark Plugs.
8. Thermostat.
9. EGR Valve.
10. Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Valve(EVAP).
11. Catalytic Converter.
If the engine mild is no longer grew to become off in time it will motive serious environmental pollution, expand gasoline consumption, engine noise, temperature and so on, you need to want the LAUNCH CR3001 to assist you to clear up car problems.
LAUNCH CR3001 Top 10 Powerful Full OBD2 Functions
1. Reading Codes: Show the exact description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs).
2. Erasing Codes & Reset: Turn off Check Engine Light(MIL), clear codes and reset monitors.
3. Data Stream: Read and show stay ECU/PCM records stream, plotting functions graphically and shops freeze frame data.
4. I/M Readiness Status: Show whether or not the a variety of emissions-related systems on the automobile are working accurate and are ready for inspection and preservation testing.
5. Read Live Data Stream: Show the information of continuous statistics movement from a automobile in stay graphic(waveform) display.
6. View Freeze Frame Data: Check the positive vehicle conditions which are recorded by using the on-board pc at the time the emission-related fault occurs.
7. O2 Sensor Test: Allow retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor reveal check consequences for the most these days carried out checks from the vehicle's on-board computer.
8. On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieve and displays test effects for emission-related powertrain aspects and systems.
9. Read Vehicle Information: Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc.
10. Component Test: Certain automobile aspects can be actuated via instructions sent from the scanner to take a look at their operability.

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