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DESCRIPTION ( Tiens Fruits and Vegetable Cleaner | Price in BD )

Tiens Fruits and Vegetable Cleaner

Do you looking for Buy Tiens Fruits and vegetable cleaner machine from Bangladesh. We have Original this Product with 30 % Discount Price in Bangladesh

Tiens Fruits and Vegetable Cleaner its unique formula and hi-tech production avoid electromagnetic interference to ensure greater product stability and higher ozone output.

It along with solves all the problems amalgamated to poor feel of setting, neutralizes toxins released by plywood, paint and prevents breeding of bacteria that commonly exists at our residence and offices.

Ozone is a strongly-oxidative substance, which can speedily spoil the biological structure of bacteria, virus and tally micro-organisms.

Purifies and disinfects song from bacteria, fungi and mites in homeland offices, removes odours such as cigarette smoke formaldehyde.

Eliminates (and not masks) organic and inorganic odours including cigarette smoke, flare and animal odours.
May be utilised e. G. At quarters, at the office, in the car. It is particularly recommended to ozonise the

Update It curbs bacterial growth effectively to give cleaner and purer air in the office and at home.

It also removes pesticides on fruit and vegetables, disintegrates hormone residues in meat and seafood, kills bacteria, bleaches and removes stubborn dirt, keeps food fresh, purifies water etc.
Tiens Fruits and Vegetable Cleaner Highlights :

Stylish look and feel
Touch panel control system with four options separately for fruits, vegetables, meat, cookware and others.
Wall hanging design
Higher releasing rate of ozone
Upgraded foam stone
Easy operation

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এক বছরের গ্যারান্টি।
বাংলাদেশের যেকোন জেলা ও উপ-জেলা থেকে পরিবহনের মাধ্যমে পণ্য ডেলিভারি দেওয়া হয়।
বিস্তারিতজানার জন্য ফোন করুন। Call -01757-020991 // 01620-679746

Tiens Price With P.V. 19,708 Tk
Discount Price Without P.V. 13,795 Tk
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