karofi cabinet 8 stage RO water purifier

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    DESCRIPTION ( karofi cabinet 8 stage RO water purifier )

    Country of origin: Vietnam
    First Stage: 10 Inch PP Filter
    Second Stage: 10 Inch Block Carbon Filter
    Third Stage: 10 Inch Active Carbon Filter
    Fourth Stage: Reverse Osmosis Membrane
    Fifth Stage: Post Carbon.
    Six Stage: mineral

    ● PP cotton filter
    Pre-treatment of the incoming raw water, effectively filtering out sediment, suspended solids, colloids, impurities, etc. in the water, large filtration area and dirt absorption, good filtration effect and long service life
    ● Compressed carbon filter
    Deeply adsorbed in the water, odor, residual chlorine and organic matter and other harmful substances, long-life compressed activated carbon and high dirt-absorbing mesh structure, the filter life has dual-function filtration performance
    ● Ultrafiltration membrane filter
    The hollow fiber membrane ultra-filter core has ultra-filtration micropores of less than 0.0 micrometer, which effectively retains suspended solids larger than 0.01 micron in water, colloids, particles and other impurities, and is the core of ultrafiltration filtration.
    ● After loading silver activated carbon
    Further deep odor, residual chlorine, effectively prevent secondary pollution of purified water, make drinking water more sanitary and safer
    ● Easy to install
    ● High filtration precision and health

    Application: Household water purifier

    1. Please confirm that the water temperature is between 4 °C and 45 °C.
    2. Please measure and determine the tap water pressure before installation is 0.1-0.3MPa (1-3kg) higher than 0.3MPa.
    3. Please install the pressure reducing valve; when less than 0.3MPa, please install the booster pump to ensure your normal use.

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Installation Charge- Inside Dhaka-500 & Out Side Dhaka-1000
    2. Service Warranty: 14-month parts replace warranty- Feed Pump, Adapter
    Snow light bulb, high-pressure switch, including 3 Complimentary Service, Total 1.5 Years Service warranty.
    3. Purity_Guarantee: Money from our supplied machine water icddr'b, BSTI, BUET & DU Food Lab tests the total coliforms Bacteria 00 Fungal coliforms Bacteria 00 and returns money if any bacteria is present.
    4. Customer Service: 24 X 7 hrs. Also, after serving water within 3 hours if the machine is turned off.
    5. We Provide 100% Original Product.

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