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    DESCRIPTION ( W5 PRO Pocket PC Mini Computer Intel Compute Stick Windows )

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    Wintel W5 PRO Pocket Computer Mini PC Intel Compute Stick


    • Warranty: 1 Year Service Warranty
    • Brand: Wintel
    • Model: W5 PRO Like Intel Compute Stick Mini PC
    • Windows 10 Operating System
    • Processor: Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 Quad Core Processor 64 bit
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics Gen8
    • RAM: 2GB DDR3 RAM
    • ROM: 32 GB (can be expanded upto 1 TB via external HDD, pendrive or memory card)
    • WiFi, Bluetooth, Intel Wi-Di (Wireless Display)




    The Wintel W5 PRO Mini PC looks like the intel compute stick. Intel compute stick is quite expensive in Bangladesh but you can get the wintel w5 pro pocket pc at a much lower price. It has same functions like the intel compute stick mini pc and infact its processor is more powerful than the intel compute stick. W5 PRO uses Intel Z8350 Quad Core 64 bit bit CPU and has Intel HD Generation 8 Graphics Built In.  It has 2GB DDR 3 RAM and 32 GB ROM (internal storage). The storage is expandable upto 1 Terabyte and you can use any external Hard disk , memory card or pendrive to expand the storage. It also comes with windows 10 originally pre-installed by the Wintel company. This device has a very tiny size but it has high performance and it can even compete with the latest computers in Bangladesh.

    Intel Compute Stick Now Available In Bangladesh

    Wintel W5 PRO Mini PC Intel Compute Stick

    Looking for intel compute stick in Bangladesh? Wintel W5 Mini PC compute stick is now available in Zymak Bangladesh.

    Size Reference Guide Of The Intel Mini PC

    Small Size But High Performance

    The w5 intel compute stick has a very small size body and it can also fit in your pocket. But do not underestimate its performance by considering its size. Although it is a pocket pc, but it can compete with the latest computers in Bangladesh.



    W5 PRO Pocket Computer Can Be Connected To Various Display Devices

    Compatible with all display devices

    The Wintel W5 PRO Intel Pocket PC can be connected to monitor, TV and projectors.

    Things you do with the intel compute stick

    Use Microsoft Office And Install Any Software

    Sometimes you need your office documents while on the go. The portable w5 intel pocket computer can help you with portable presentation of your office files.

    You can use the Mini PC for graphics editing

    You can also use this mini pc for graphics editing

    You can use this mini pc for professional work like graphics and web design. You can install any software and start using it immediately. It has sufficient performance for handling adobe photoshop and other essential softwares.

    You can play games in the intel pocket pc compute stick

    You can Install any pc games

    Although the w5 intel mini pc is not a powerful gaming pc but it can support basic pc games that do not require high specs.

    Where should you use the Intel Mini Compute Stick Pocket PC

    Use the pocket pc wherever you go

    You can carry this pocket pc with you and you can use it anytime anywhere. You can you it in your classroom, office, bedroom.

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