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N850 Samsung | Harman/Kardon Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Brand New

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  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Model: N850
Category: Electronics > Audio & Entertainment > Home Theater Systems > > N850 Samsung | Harman/Kardon Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

DESCRIPTION ( N850 Samsung | Harman/Kardon Soundbar with Dolby Atmos )

HW-N850 Samsung | Harman/Kardon Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Awesome Soundbar

I love most everything about this soundbar. I've always had nice 5.1 or better systems with receivers. I recently moved to a new house and purchased a 4k TV. My receiver was missing many newer features that I now wanted (4k pass-through, Atmos). I was debating purchasing a new receiver and Atmos capable speakers, but didn't want to spend the money on gear that would take up more space in the living room and require wiring. I'd never been much of a fan of soundbars, but read reviews on the HW-N950 and was hooked.


Setup was super simple---plug the soundbar, sub, and surrounds into power, then connect the soundbar to TV ARC via HDMI. You can also connect two HDMI cables to it and pass through to TV, which I tested and had no issues with.

Design is beautiful. It's heavy (in a good way) and is a perfect look for me. I love that when Atmos is detected, it scrolls across the little display on the front-right.

Sound is incredible. Anything in Atmos is beautiful. I've literally closed my eyes and listened to sections of movies multiple times because I could not believe how great it sounded. Music sound really good as well...instruments are much clearer than with my old system. Acoustic, EDM, and country music all rock through the soundbar. Bass is strong and most always well balanced.

Video pass through had no issues. HDR in general comes through as does Dolby Vision. Once I tested these features I switched to only using the soundbar connected to ARC on my TV, so I can't say I've used pass through extensively.

Price---this one will be debated, but this is a good price for what you get. To replace my receiver with an Atmos 4k pass through equivalent and buy Atmos capable speakers would cost twice as much. I have no cables running around the living room (wife happy), great performance, and saved money overall.

General use is simple and I love it. I turn my TV on, soundbar comes on, and vice versa. I've connected my phone via Bluetooth and haven't had any issues. Some people may want more than 2 HDMI ports, but using with ARC means there is no real would also add to cable management issues (more on that below).


Cable management is a bit tough if you are going to use the two HDMI-in ports on the soundbar. There is not much space, causing less-flexible HDMI cables to put pressure on the HDMI ports. In-wall rated HDMI cables, for instance, are rigid and have to bend awkwardly out of the back of the soundbar. I'm not sure why they don't have the HDMI ports sticking straight out of the back...that would help. It would also be helpful if the power and input cables weren't on opposite sides of the soundbar, but that may be to reduce the chance that power would interfere with or degrade input/output signal.

Price---not really a con for me, as I think the value of this product is so high, but it is still the cost of a decent laptop or mini vacation.

Calibration---for this price, I really wish a calibration/configuration tool was provided. The last few receivers I've bought have come with microphones and apps that auto-calibrate sound based on your room and seating position. This thing sounds amazing out of the box without any changes, but I'd appreciate an automatic way of optimizing.

Other thoughts---

I've read complaints about the Samsung app that people are using to connect to or manage the soundbar from their phones. I looked up the app from my iPhone and it had bad reviews, so I didn't download it and don't plan to. I'm not sure why you'd want or need an app for this, as it's so simple to setup and use without. Maybe if it offered auto-calibrate or other cool features, but AFAIK it does not. It is unfortunate that people base some of their review on Samsung's app and not on the soundbar itself.

I have not connected it to WiFi, as I do not want it to auto-update firmware. If I see an update that contains features I want, I'll give it a shot, but no need right now.

If you want a clean, minimalist look, crazy-good Atmos, 4k pass-through, and overall great sound.... this soundbar is for you. Buy it!

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