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DESCRIPTION ( Physiotherapy Home Care Dhaka )

What is Knee Pain?
Knee pain is seen in almost every family. Among the various causes, osteoarthritis is the main cause of erosion. Like every joint or joint in our body, the bones of the knee joint are covered with a soft and smooth coating or cartilage. When the cartilage erupts into an uneven shape, pain is felt in the joints moving, the joint becomes swollen. It is a type of osteoarthritis or knee arthritis.

Why is knee pain?
1. The tendency for bone loss increases with age. The disease is usually higher in the age group of 45 to 50 years.
2. Women usually have more arthritis than men and after menopause or menstrual periods.
3. The knee is one of the most weight-bearing joints in the human body.
Therefore, excess body weight causes more pressure on the knee. As a result, the knee loss is high.
4. The muscle cannot hold the knee joint in its normal position. As a result, friction is high, erosion is high.
5. Knee pain occurs when bone marrow fluid or synovial fluid is reduced.
6. Those who work high time, climb up and down stairs, and those who have to carry extra loads are more likely to have knee pain.
Osteoarthritis of the knee can also be caused by genetic or hereditary factors, congenital abnormalities or malformed joints.

Symptoms of knee pain
1. There is pain in the knee.
2. The knee is swollen.
3. The knee is felt hot.
4. Can't fold knee.
5. Change the shape of the joint.
6. Sometimes the sound of the knee movement is felt.

Knee Pain Treatment
Usually pain relieving drugs are given. However, there is no alternative to physiotherapy treatment to relieve pain and restore the normal movement of the joint. Physiotherapy is a modern and non-side effect medical procedure. The physiotherapy treatments used for knee osteoarthritis are: Ultra sound therapy, short wave diathermy, tennis therapy, laser therapy, special exercises to increase the strength of the knee. Physiotherapy treatment should be taken under the supervision of a specialist physiotherapy physician. And you don't have to go to a physiotherapist or doctor to get physiotherapy. Physiotherapy services are available at home. This service is called "Physiotherapy Home Call or PhysioChai" for you. Physiotherapy home calls provide you with the services of an experienced physiotherapist at home. We are offering physiotherapy home service anywhere in this first Dhaka city. So please contact us to get any pain physiotherapy including your knee pain.
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Why would you seek help from the PhysioChai for this disease?
PhysioChai offers you the services of an experienced physiotherapist at home. You can also get services by an experienced physiotherapist near you. It is often seen that you suffer from knee pain but due to busy physiotherapy, it is not possible to get physiotherapy. So you can get physiotherapy right from home, which is why we have arranged physiotherapy home service. We have an electrotherapy system. There is also an experienced physiotherapist. That is why you will seek the help of PhysioChai.

PhysioChai allows you to get physiotherapy at home by an experienced physiotherapist. You also get the services of an experienced physiotherapist on the home side. Our physiotherapists have the most advanced machines. With which you can get electrotherapy. The "PhysioChai" service is available anywhere in Dhaka City. Do not need to go to the doctor, diagnostic center or physiotherapist to ignore the jam in Dhaka city anymore. The physiotherapist will leave your home. We are always ready to serve you. We are always in any area of Dhaka city. So contact "Physiochai" to get any physiotherapy services.
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