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    DESCRIPTION ( Furniture Shifting Service | packing & shifting |01978200800 )

    Are you thinking about shifting your household and personal effects? finding reliable and best moving companies, but not getting the confidence. You can safely depend on the Because it is not a common moving agency. It is an auto complete moving company. We provide home shifting service with 100% assurance. Which will help save you time and money. We can help you stay risk free and worry free. We provide top and international quality service and hassle free house shifting experience. Take our service, stay smiling, protect your furniture from harm.

    Moving transport price, area and time schedule :
    Sl. No Truck/ packup Capacity Truck/ Body size Price Range
    Area Limit The time of the Movemnt The time of the Movemnt
    1. 1 ton pickup 8’-9’ feet 2,000/= Within 10km of Dhaka 24 hours 24 hours
    2. 1.5 ton pickup 10’-11’feet 2,500/= Within 10km of Dhaka 24 hours 24 hours
    3. 2ton pickup 12’feet 3,000/= Within 10km of Dhaka 24 hours 24 hours
    4. 3ton pickup 14’ feet 4,000/= Within 10km of Dhaka 24 hours 24 hours
    5. 5ton truck 15’-17’ feet 7,000/= Within 10km of Dhaka 8am to 7am 10am to 6am
    6. 10 ton truck 17’-’ 18feet 8,000/= Within 10km of Dhaka 8am to 7am 10am to 6am
    7. 15ton truck 18’-22’feet 12,000/= Within 10km of Dhaka 8am to 7am 10am to 6am

    Moving near me
    with 64 District location in Bangladesh, we are where you are stay there, as your local moving company. Regular communication is maintained with each branch of our Head Office and monitoring for the service is improved.

    Our additional Moving Service:

    Service Features:

    • Professional and expert Moving Team
    • Background verified and Expert workmen & Handymen(Labors, Electrician, Technician, Supervisor)
    • Used High Quality packing Materials.
    • Special Care Fragile item
    • Labeling, Tapping & Safety

    What’s Excluded?
    Additional materials (if necessary)
    Packaging with bubble wrap

    How to Place your Order?
    • Fill the form directly from the website.
    • Through e-mail
    • Through our Assessment Manager
    • By selecting the right package
    • Schedule your service
    • Confirm your order

    Terms & Conditions
     Any additional work done or parts fitted beyond the original estimate will be charged extra
     Any Interior/ wall fittings furniture open and re-fittings for yours.
     This responsible will not our Payment have to made in the form of account payee Cheque in the name of “PACK AND SHIFT”. Cash or bkash
     all are the contingent upon strikes, accidents, lockouts & political causes and other Conditions beyond our control.
     Shifting of a long distance from the place of loading, then the full amount shall be paid
     Personal goods, money and valuables things in self custody, therefore, shall not be responsible for shifting company.
     Complete prohibition of carrying illegal goods. It shall not be held liable of our Shifting company.

    Pricing Policy: Pricing differs depending on building floor levels, pick and drop duration, transportation cost will differ depending on the number of trips to complete shifting

    The Pack and Shift Technical Team is always ready, to repair damaged furniture. Free repairs are made within 7 days of the shifting.
    In case of Electric Product and Home Appliance, free service is provided for up to 3 days.

    No responsibility is accepted for the accidental accident. For example, Road Accident, Robbery, Hijack etc.

    Payment Method:
    After finishing packing and shifting, 30% of the advance was accepted. The remaining 70% of the money is accepted after completion of the work.
    In some cases we accept payments such as: cash, checks, direct deposit to the bank, bKash.

    Service Hour
    24/7 Customer Support. 24 hours moving and transporting service. 12 hours packing
    support. Day night Service. Assessment Time: 10am to 11pm. Our service team will
    work and provide the best service to moving your preferred time and schedule.

    Service Area:
    Professional Home Shifting to anywhere in Bangladesh from Dhaka. There is no place in the capital Dhaka where there is no service. Our services are in 64 districts, including 8 divisions of Bangladesh.

    Why Us?

    Cost Friendly: At a very low cost I offer good service. If you take the same service from another company, the cost will be much higher. We have kept several packages of Professional home shifting service. You can shift from the budget friendly package to your home.

    Well Trained of our Staff: Each team of pack and shifts is very efficient. Because of their expertise, training is given to each individual. Before recruiting a worker, his back background is seen. Training is given to people in management. Workmen are trained on packing and unpacking, training is done to protect the goods from any type of damage. Promotional packing is shown in the hand. It is shown and taught how the packing material is being abused.

    Technician Support: House shifting need you also technical support like dismantle and re assemble your home appliance. We have provide expert electricians to open and fixing your Fan, Light, Fridge, LCD, Air-Condition, Geezer etc. vary safely.
    Flexibility and advice
    We are a trusted partner of well-known individuals, organizations, organizations and NGOs. Regular Vendors of many reputed Bangladeshi companies, among them, UNDP has been running with us for a long 5 years. Our ability to provide timely honors and fast and excellent service throughout our year helps us build strong partnerships with our customers. We offer various options to our clients and offer high quality service at competitive prices

    Special Crating and wooden boxes:
    Never wrapping oil painting in normal paper, it will stick. For pictures framed behind glass, make an X with masking tape across the glass to strengthen it and to hold it together if it shatters. Then wrap the pictures in paper. Bubble rap and put them in a frame box, with a piece of cardboard between each framed piece for protection.

    Use right size boxes:
    Put heavy items, like books and magazine, in small boxes: light items, like pillows. in bigger ones. Large boxes packed with heavy items are a common complaint of professional movers. They do not only make the job harder but also have a better chance of breaking.

    Safety Assurance:
    Always ensure the safety of all types of shifting before the shipment of home shifting, thereby there is no possibility of being harmful. Therefore, we can guarantee the safety of our customers from self confidence. You can safely shifting home safely as a result of high quality packing and quality supervision.

    Those who are shifting home are finally talking about their shifting company, before they can choose their background. How old is the establishment of the company, how do they have adequate manpower and labor, technicians, trucks and pickups? To see if the company's reputations are good.

    Pack & Shift is a moving company that will keep you completely uninterested. Your furniture and personal items are safe. If you want to work with us, you can take a close decision. Our main feature is, we keep talking with words. Do not break the word by speaking. 100% firm on quality

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