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EFI Optitex 19.0.163 Nest++ Pro + 3D Full | Released 2019 Brand New

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    DESCRIPTION ( EFI Optitex 19.0.163 Nest++ Pro + 3D Full | Released 2019 )

    (We Sell All Type of Garment, Embroidery, Textile, Woven Label, jacquard Cad, Knitting, Shoe Design, Carpet Design, Jewelry, Sign Making, Engraving,Rip And Many others Program)

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    Optitex is the leading provider of 2D and 3D CAD/CAM, and Virtual Prototyping software solutions for the apparel, automotive, aeronautics, industrial fabrics and upholstery industries. Optitex presents these industries with easy to implement, open and innovative software systems for automating and optimizing their production manufacturing operations and virtual prototyping capabilities. These proficiencies enable Optitex’s customers to significantly lower costs, quicken their time to market, and become more competitive

    What's New in Optitex? (From Optitex 18 To 19)

    Here at EFI-Optitex we are constantly updating our software to make improvements, introduce new features and enhancements and more. We highly recommend you install our latest versions, to make sure your software is always up-to-date.

    In our latest Optitex version: O/19, we have introduced a variety of new features and enhancements in the following products:

    PDS-3D Updates

    PDS-2D Updates

    Marker Updates

    PDS-2D Updates

    Check out the latest new features and enhancements that were introduced in 2D, in our latest version: O/19.

    Click on a link to view more information about each feature.

    Gusset Tool

    A new tool that can be used for bags, backpacks, pockets, etc. - allowing you to create a gusset automatically according to two segments on the back and front pieces.

    Match Segment

    A new tool that allows you to create a grading rule on a selected point in the X/Y direction that matches the segment length of the selected segments.

    PDS-3D Updates

    Check out the latest new features and enhancements that were introduced in 3D, in our latest version: O/19.

    Click on a link to view more information about each feature.

    Avatar Editor

    The new Avatar Editor UI provides an easy-to-use, all-in-one interface with expanded capabilities. You can customize an avatar to meet your needs by creating sizes, adjusting morphs/accessories, editing shaders, etc. - and then save the file as an MOD file for use in the PDS.

    Mating Lines

    You can now create mating lines directly on a 3D model within the Optitex Avatar Editor. You can create lines, create symmetry, edit lines, and more.


    Support for the new Alvanon licensing mechanism is now available in our all-in-one Avatar Editor. Optitex now supports encrypted Alvanon avatars in our EFI-Optitex content-creation products (AvatarEditor, PDS).

    3D Multi Stitch Tool

    A new tool that allows you to save time and prevent stitching errors. You can use the 3D Multi Stitch tool when you need to stitch multiple pieces of different lengths together, and want to maintain a proportional division between all stitches.

    Custom View

    A new tool located in the Camera toolbar that allows you to save different views of your 3D sample, so you can get the same view (zoom, rotation, etc.) each time. You can share custom views by exporting them to a CAM file, which can then be shared with other users via import.

    Cross Size Simulation

    Allows you to easily simulate and manage your pattern in different sizes on all sized avatars and final poses - in one place. This allows you to see how your pattern looks on all sizes, so you can evaluate fit, positioning, etc.

    Mass Rendering in Different Views and Colorways

    Allows you to create a mass number of images according to a specific rendering engine, orientation and/or zoom of the 3D model, colorways - either via a local machine or remote rendering server (for an offline process).

    Magic Glove Improvements

    The Magic Glove has been enhanced. Simulation now begins automatically, the tool include a radius when pulling the vertex, and new keyboard shortcuts were added. This allows for quick adjustments when finalizing a 3D sample - creating an enhanced experience and better performance.

    Initial Positioning

    Initial positioning is now according to the avatar's rig; therefore when changing the avatar size/pose after pieces are positioned, the positioning will remain the same.

    In addition, new/modified positions/locations have been added to the 3D Properties dialog.

    Enhanced Fabric Library

    The fabric library was enhanced and now contains over 150 different fabric types.

    3D Revu Updates

    New 3D Revu capabilities are available, including the ability to show/hide grids and X/Y/Z axes, and paste images from the clipboard.

    Marker Updates

    Check out the latest new features and enhancements that were introduced in the Marker, in our latest version: O/19.

    Click on a link to view more information about each feature.

    Print & Cut

    Allows you to print pieces on a blank roll and then cut printed pieces, rather than print an entire roll and then cut piece geometry. Print & Cut is optimal for small and mixed orders, and enables print-on-demand of custom graphics or logos. It works in conjunction with PDS, Marker, Adobe Illustrator, and fabric printers/cutters.


    Buffer Enhancements

    Easy-to-use buffer definition flows now provide you with various piece buffer definition options. You can use the Edit Piece option to edit your piece's geometry - including rotating, flipping, folding and cutting the selected piece; and the Edit Piece Buffer option to define buffers around either an entire piece's geometry or its part.

    Pattern Design Software (PDS) 2D
    A pattern making software that allows you to seamlessly create digital patterns and produce pattern sizing while eliminating hundreds of manual steps in the design-development process.

    Pattern Design Software (PDS) 3D
    A set of 3D tools that display virtual samples in an innovative 3D digital environment that allows you to fashion your garment and make quick alterations at the click of a button, powered by photorealistic rendering for a true-to-life visualization.

    A collaborative tool that allows you to showcase virtual samples in a 3D digital environment that is accessible for decision makers who can comment and approve samples.

    A cutting layout tool that allows you to plan and optimize the use of textile through automated nesting or manual placement of pieces on the marker table.

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