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    DESCRIPTION ( DELFTship Professional Version Version 8.09 Full License )

    Full Module Download available for all windows for permanent license
    and single computer. For more information mail us with details.
    Email :

    Hull modeling features
    Additional hull model templates in addition to the default yacht model
    Use background images to recreate existing designs from scanned drawings
    Create a formatted lines plan drawing
    Automatic hull form transformation using Lackenby
    View plate developments of developable surfaces
    Export plate developments to printer, text file or Autocad DXF
    Automatic transformation of midship coefficient
    Automatic fairing of control curves
    Automatic fairing of surfaces or control points
    Modeling of asymmetric hull shapes
    Hydrostatic calculations
    Elaborate hydrostatics report for the design condition including sectional area graph
    Hydrostatic tables for even keel condition
    Hydrostatic tables for additional trim conditions
    Calculation of hydrostatics on a wave crest
    Output of calculations and graphics to native report viewer
    Save report as PDF document
    Export reports to HTML files
    Customizable report layout
    Open reports directly in Word or Excel
    File import
    IGES files entity 128 (non rational and untrimmed surfaces only)
    File export
    Export stations, waterlines, buttocks and diagonals to Autocad DXF
    Export surfaces to STL
    IGES curves (IGES entity 126)
    IGES surfaces (IGES entity 128)
    Seaway/Octopus stations

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