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DESCRIPTION ( Flutes 4 piece package )

পৃথিবী বিখ্যাত Walton কোম্পানির D স্কেলের বাঁশী(Tin Whistle) সহ আরো ৩ টি বাঁশের বাঁশি বিক্রি হবে।
বাঁশের বাঁশি যথাক্রমে F,G ও G# এই ৩ টি স্কেল এর।সবগুলোর মূল্যে মাত্র ২০০০৳।

Tin Whistle এর বিস্তারিত:
এর অরিজিনাল নাম Penny whistle অথবা Tin whistle.গুগোল অথবা ইউটিউবে Walton Tin whistle লিখে সার্চ দিলে বিস্তারিত জানতে পারবেন।এটি মূলত আইরিশ বাঁশী।তবে বাজানোর পদ্ধতি বাংলাদেশি বাঁশের বাঁশীর মতোই।বাজানো সহজ।বাঁশের বাশীর মতো দীর্ঘ দিন চর্চা করে আলাদা ভাবে ফুঁ দেয়া শেখার দরকার নাই।যে কেউ এতে ফুঁ দিলেই এটি বাজবে।তবে সুর তোলা শিখতে হবে।
দেখতে খুবই সুন্দর।এর সুর খুবই মিষ্টি আর একদম 440 টিউনে বাজে।আরো বিস্তারিত নিচেঃ

Product description:

Introducing Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle! The very most common keys that tin whistles come in are C and D. Waltons Whistle Brass is most commonly found in Key D. Allowing you to play a wide variety of music as well as giving you the mellow tone and melody that you are looking for in a tin whistle!

The quality of Waltons Whistles stand above the rest. The tin whistle is one of the lower end costing woodwind instruments, however the quality remains intact. For the price of Waltons Whistle Brass you will not find a better way to broaden your musical horizon! Search no further because the Waltons Whistle Brass is the perfect tin whistle just for you!

The Tin Whistle:
The tin whistle, which has also been referred to as the penny whistle is a very simple six-holed woodwind instrument. Waltons Tin Whistles are the very top selling whistles in all of Ireland! All of Waltons whistles are made directly in Ireland! When you are purchasing a Waltons Whistle you are committing to the highest quality of materials used to craft this wonderful woodwind instrument, that are then polished to perfection, giving you the mellow tone that makes our whistles so popular all over the world! All of our single pack whistles include instruction leaflets as well as many easy to play tunes for the beginner. Despite the tin whistle being very easy to play for all different levels of expertise, when played by the advanced musician, it can be a very dynamic and exciting instrument with a very surprising level of subtle quality.

*PERFECT FOR EVERYONE | A uniquely sweet and understated instrument the Waltons Little Black Whistle has beautiful soft tone that will expand any whistle players range of sounds.
*INCLUDES A SIX LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET | For the musician that is just learning how to play the tin whistle, we have included a language instruction booklet that will help walk you through the beginning steps of learning how to play this beautiful woodwind instrument!
*COMES IN KEY D | The Gentler tone also makes it a great whistle for ensemble playing where it will sit happily alongside vocals, fiddles, flutes etc. without grabbing too much attention for the wrong reasons.
*QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST | The unique sound of the Little Black comes mostly from the coated Aluminum barrel which gives it a beautiful soft breathy tone with a slightly gentler note attack than most whistles. This gives you a very easy to play whistle ideally suited to those playing at a slower place or the more experienced player looking for a whistle more specifically voiced for slower tunes.
*GREAT GIFT IDEA | Need a great St. Patrick’s Day gift? Add the Irish Tin Whistle CD Pack to your cart and get it before the big day!

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