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Allah barkat locket Brand New

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Mirpur, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( Allah barkat locket )

Allah Barkat locket has a very unique feature, this locket has an incredibly done miniature work and to view it we have empowered it with the tiny pearl-sized magnifying lens through which one will be able to view the holy Quran ayat. One who has the blessing of the holy Quran aayat is destined to be protected from all the miseries of life.
Further to protect one from all the misfortunes of life the Allah Barkat locket has been etched with the 1. Paul kurchi - this will protect an individual from all the mishaps from life. 2- mecca- Khana Kaba. 3. The four names of Allah -alzabbaro, almaleko, also and alrehmano 4. Char kul has been etched beautifully.
Gifted with all the holy blessing of Allah tala this Barkat locket will not just do a single favor on the wearer, it actually does the whole lot of good for one's mind, body and soul.For the mind, it gives peace and calmness and helps you take right decisions at the crucial of crucial times and guides you to take the path that is best for you. For the body, it gives long life and power to endure the hardest of physical sufferings. And for the soul, it brings you happiness. For entire life, it brings everything that is good for one's decent life such as happiness, prosperity, good health, lessens the hardships, opens up the closed opportunities and paves a way out for the best life. In short Allah Barkat locket shields, one's life with divine intervention to make them happy and prosperous life we humans have longed for time immemorial.

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