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Almighty Biological Cleaner 5 in 1 for Camera Brand New

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    Category: Electronics > Cameras > Camera Accessories > > Almighty Biological Cleaner 5 in 1 for Camera

    DESCRIPTION ( Almighty Biological Cleaner 5 in 1 for Camera )

    Product Description:-
    Pack Including
    1. All around cleaner
    2. Clean air blower
    3. Clean cloth nano
    4. Double-faced flannel
    5. Double-headed lens-cleaning pen

    1. All around cleaner
    it is extracted from natural plant in form of has such functions as fast decontamintation,
    sterilization and electrostatic prevention .it can create a safer and more friendly environment
    2. Clean air blower
    Made of imported high quality rubber, the product, being soft and elastic , is anti-aging and not likely
    to degum. The exit air hole applies such a spesial design that it will generate adequate wind power 
    upon a slight pinch. it is small and handy for carry. The innovative design of the single-way metal
    valve can ensure a quick air return and it can also prevent dust from being absorbed into the air 
    chamber wich will be blown back to product, causing a secondary pollution.
    3. Clean cloth nano
    Made from nano-fiber, super-absorbent ,clean without water track , no prejudice to the polished 
    surface,its water absorption ,drying and durability are five times than ordinary fiber! have this 
    product cleaned wiyh water after used for the next using.
    4. Double-faced flannel
    Made of high quality reversible flannel,the product feels smooty and soft and it has a strong power
    to absorb water and eradicate it can quickly wipe off the stains fingerprints
    on the surface of a product without leaving any trace of scratch or mark . it can be applied on 
    the cleaning of LCD screens,cameras and the order precision instruments.
    5. Double-headed lens-cleaning pen
    the cleaning pen contains non-liquid carbon powder cleaning mixture wich will not 
    get leaking or dried. The lens-cleaner is so exquisite that it can be safely applied on 
    all optical lenses (incluiding multi-coated lens).its high qualityand flexible brush is 
    handy for carry .(please DONNOT apply it on UV mirror).

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