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    (www Carder00 dot com) Hacked Western Union - Bank and Paypal Transfer Available.
    Im doing Western union,Bank and paypal transfer
    Hey-are you tired of getting your money transfers blocked?
    As we all know, WU is a BITCH to card.
    They have too many verification steps and most of seller aren't actually skilled carders like they claim.
    The flaw is within WU verification system.
    If a money order is stolen, they can check that with the serial number.
    Would you like me to show you how to say FUCK OFF to WesternU and MoneyG by showing you how to get your money transfer easier?

    You will receive MTCN and other transaction codes in few minutes after payment confirmed because I will do transfer ONLINE.
    When I transfer for Western Union I need the following details from you.
    I suggest you use drop or fake info and ID's for verification when picking up money.

    First Name:_____________________
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    Payments by Western Union can now have option to user Secret Security Question where you do not need Passport/ID/etc. just to have secret answer. If you want this then just tell me in message before I transfer.
    You just have to present your MTCN ( Money Transfer Control Number) and provide both the question and answe

    Western Union RATES:

    $1500WU for $250 BTC or PM Only
    $2000 WU for $300 BTC or PM Only
    $3000 WU for $400 BTC or PM Only
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    Now offering direct PayPal funds deposited straight into your account. This will work for any PayPal account worldwide.
    PayPal deposits is done through external payment processors. These funds are NOT from hacked accounts.
    All we need is your PayPal email, please leave it in Notes when ordering.

    Paypal Transfer Rates:

    $2000 Pypal Transfer for $300 BTC or PM Only
    $3000 Pypal Transfer for $400 BTC or PM Only
    $4000 Pypal Transfer for $600 BTC or PM Only
    $5000 Pypal Transfer for $750 BTC or PM Only
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