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    DESCRIPTION ( Searching Agents:ব্যাংক এশিয়া এজেন্ট ব্যাংকিং )

    Searching Agents for Bankasia Agent Banking. Huge Possibility for earning through Banking Agents. Specially, The Comilla, Perfect Destination for Agent Banking of Bankasia.

    Bank Asia made a unique Agent Banking model with technology based banking concept ensuring appropriate security with real-time banking for customers. Agents Booths are distinctly branded with Bank Asia Agent Banking logo to provide products and Services of Bank Asia. All the Agent booths are equipped with Laptop/P.C, Image capturing device, POS machines etc. Agent banking transactions are on real time basis and integrated with Bank’s Core Banking solution. Customers get instant confirmation of transaction through Mobile SMS and system generated Printed money receipts.

    • Bank Asia Agent Booths are distinctly branded with Bank Asia logo & Agent’s name , a like to a small bank branch
    • Bank Asia branches and Regional office will monitor agent operating in the area for smooth functioning besides monitoring by Agent Banking department.
    • Bank Asia agent are fully equipped with I.T devices like POS ,card reader, Image capturing Web Cam, biometric identification system and mobile connectivity through internet banking.
    • All Agent Banking Customers are logged through their Biometric authorization.
    • Customer transactions are integrated to the Core Banking System and real time transaction and customer gets instant transaction confirmation through SMS and system generated printed receipt.
    • Bank Asia Agent booths are branded through Bank's logo clearly, which identifies the Bank and agents identity to the customer. Bank’s contact number and call center number also given for emergency customer help.
    • For cash transaction, Agent have to maintain an account in Agent Banking system, which is fetched for cash deposit and withdrawal transaction by customers and system automatically debit or credit agent account and customer account simultaneously . Agent has to maintain sufficient balance to accommodate customer transaction value. The Agent account balance is determined on the volume of transaction and Agent account have to maintain sufficient balance and Cash in hand balance for uninterrupted transaction of customers.

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