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    DESCRIPTION ( Owner Executive )

    Actually these positions is for the investors (must be honest and good people) for a social business.
    It will be the first of its kind in the world.

    It has THREE major aims –
    first, procure and sell quality goods at competitive price to the customers,
    second, to make profit for the investors,
    third but above all, to reduce the inequality gap in the ownership of the world.

    Inequality gap is a big problem; unless it is solved further economic progress will be stopped, and all the people have to live as CORPORATE SLAVE without any resource in future. At the moment top 1% people own about 50% of the wealth of the world and bottom 50% own only 1%. This proposed business model is developed to check and reduce it.
    The business plan is developed to make it highly profitable and my target is to make it a BILLION dollar business within 5 years. We are expecting 300-500% growth in the first year.

    First one would be a DEPARTMENT STORE (It is our first attempt).
    Our second attempt is to open the same one in LONDON, and third in any city in the USA.

    Among our investors, we will select some members to nominate as SOCIAL BUSINESS AMBASSADOR who can join in the global events (depending on the quality). Again, if you invest here the society will know you as an honest and good person, which is not possible in majority of the other businesses. It will be the supreme transparent thing in the world. To know about it either join with us or keep in touch, then you can see what we want to do that is difficult to imagine by many now.
    For your clear understanding plz visit our blog: http://palsocialbusiness.blogspot.com
    Please contact.

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