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PC FIFA 14 Brend New Brand New

Asking Price:
Tk. 3,800

Member since 10 Jun 2012
Mirpur, Dhaka
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COD Ghosts Map (DLC) TK=4900
Assassins Creed iv TK=4500
Beyond Two Souls TK=4500
Batman Arkham origins TK=4400

Fifa game....
xbox 360 TK=4900
ps3.... TK=4500
pc .... TK=4800
psvita. TK=3900

more Price list
PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4 Console Price is =39999TK

Xbox-360 250GB (Intact Box) Price is ..... =29500Tk.
Xbox-360 250GB With kinect (Intact Box) Price is =36000Tk.
Xbox-360 4GB (Intact Box) Price is ...... =27500Tk.
Xbox-360 4GB With kinect (Intact Box) Price is =32500Tk.

PS3 Console 500GB Price is =22500TK
psvita console Price is =20500TK
Ps2 Console Price is =9800TK

PSP Console 3000 Price is =9800TK
PSP Console street Price is =8500TK

Nintendo DS Lite console Price is =5100TK
Nintendo 3DS console Price is =16500TK
Nintendo 3DSXL Console Price is =21500TK

Game Boy SP Console Price is =2350TL
PSP 3000 China player Price is =2050TK
PSVITA China Plyer Price is =2250TK

All gamming console We are Fixing Mod chip,Repairing Service
We are Fixing Mod chip,Repairing Service

jtag,rgh,rgh2 cr3 all xbox-360 unlock available

More Another Console List:
Console: We have all gaming console Such as PS3, PS2, XBOX-360, PSP, PS Vita, Kintect, Wii, Wii u,
DS lite, Dsi XL, 3DS, Game Boy, JXD Etc.
We are also repairing and chipping Services above all console.
PSVITA original game available
PS3, Xbox & above all consoles new original and copy game are available.

Computer: All computer accessories & Games are available.

Address: Game Source & Electronics (Hakim)
Shop# 80,81 Block# D Level# 6
Boshundhara City Mole, Pantopath, Dhaka.

Please see the following PS3 games price list

Ace Combat Assault Horizon =2800tk
Ape Escape move game =2100tk
Army of Two 40th Day =2600tk
Assassins Creed =1600tk
Assassin's Creed 3 =2600tk
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood =2400tk
Avatar the game =2600tk
Batman Arkham city =2600tk
Battle Field 3 =2500tk
Ben 10 Omniverse =2800tk
Ben 10 U.alien Cosmic Destruction =3200tk
Binary Domain =2500tk
Bionic Commando =1200tk
Bioshock 2 =2600tk
Bioshock infinite =3000tk
Brothers in Arms Highway =1800tk
Brutal Legend =3000tk
Bullets Storm Limited Edition =2800tk
Call of Duty Black OPS II =3600tk
Call of Duty MW3 =3000tk
Castlevania lords of shadow =2500tk
Child of Eden move game =2800tk
CRYSIS 3 =3500tk
Dance on Broadway move game =1800tk
Darkness 2 =3500tk
Darksector =2800tk
Darksiders =2200tk
Dead Rising 2 =3000tk
Dead Space 2 Limited Edition =2400tk
Dead Space 3 Limited Edition =3400tk
Dead to Rights Retribution =3000tk
Deus Ex =3200tk
Devil May cry 5 =3500tk
Dragong Age origins =2800tk
Driver San Francisco =2800tk
Fallout 3 =2200tk
Farcry 2 =2200tk
Farcry 3 =3200tk
Fifa 12 =1800tk
FIFA 14 =4500tk
Fifa Streets 3 =3300tk
Frac Ture =1500tk
God of war 3 =2600tkĀ 
God of war collection =2600tk
God of War Origins Collection =3000tk
God of ware ascension =3000tk
Godfather =3200tk
Gran Turismo 5 =2500tk
Grand Slam Tennis2 move game =2400tk
GTA 5 =4500tk
GTA IV and Liberty City =2400tk
Hitman Absolution =3300tk
Home Front =2800tk
House of the Dead Overkill move game =1900tk
inFamous2 =3300tk
injustice =3400tk
Jak and Daxter =3000tk
JERICHO Specil EDITION =1500tk
Kane & Lynch Dead Men =1500tk
Kill zone 2 =1600tk
Kill zone3 =2800tk
Kung Fu Rider move game =1800tk
L.A Noire =2800tk
L.A.I.R =2200tk
Little Big Planet 2 Specil Edition =2800tk
Load of the ring A.Quest move game =1900tk
Loll Pop Chainsaw =3200tk
Mafia II =2500tk
Marvel vs Capcom 3 =2500tk
Mass effecf 3 =2200tk
Max Payne 3 =2600tk
Medal of Honor Airborne =1500tk
Metal Gear Rising =3500tk
Metal Gear Solid 4 =2400tk
Michael jackson exper. move game =2200tk
Midnight Club LOS Angeles =3000tk
MMA Fight =1500tk
Mortal Kombat U.Edition =3500tk
Motor Storm 3 =2800tk
NFS Most Wanted 2 =2800tk
NFS The Run =3000tk
Ninja Gaiden Sigma =3200tk
Oblivion IV =1800tk
PES 14 =4600tk
Prince of Persia Forgotine Sands =3300tk
Prototype 2 =2800tk
Ps Move Heroes move game =2300tk
Quantum of Solace 007 =3200tk
Racket Sports move game =2100tk
RAGE =2800tk
Rainbow six Vegas =1500tk
Ratchet Clank full F. Assault =2600tk
Ratchet Clank Tools Destruction =2600tk
Ratchet Lank Q force =3200tk
Rayman Origins =2600tk
Red Dead Redemption =2500tk
Resident Evil 5 Gold Eidition =2600tk
Resident Evil 6 =3200tk
Ridge Racer 7 =1500tk
Saints Row the Third =2800tk
Sleeping Dogs =3500tk
SOCOM4 US Navy Seals =3500tk
Sonic all stars racing =3300tk
Sport champions 1 move game =2100tk
Sport champions 2 move game =2600tk
The Darkness =1800tk
The King of Fighter XIII =2500tk
The Shoot move game =2600tk
The Sime 3 =2600tk
TNA impact =2800tk
Tom rider =3200tk
Tomb Raider Trilogy HD =2800tk
Tomb Raider under world =2800tk
TomClancys Ghost Recon F.Soldier =2700tk
Topspin 3 =1800tk
Two World 2 =2200tk
Uncharted 1 =2000tk
Uncharted 2 =2500tk
Uncharted 3 =2800tk
Unreal Tournament =1200tk
Warhawk =2200tk
Yakuza 4 =2600tk

Address: Game Source & Electronics (Hakim)
Shop# 80,81 Block# D Level# 6
Boshundhara City Mole, Pantopath, Dhaka.

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